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ASRock Bitcoin Boss Club

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07-13 18:25 - 'Bitcoin Mining with Asrock H11O PRO ..' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/shibubs removed from /r/Bitcoin within 33-43min

Can one advice me how to for all devices used for mining with Asrock H11O PRO mother board & what will be approximate price for all together ... or advice me any mining software in which i can mine a bitcoin
Bitcoin Mining with Asrock H11O PRO ..
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Asrock Radeon RX 5700 XT CHALLENGER D 8G OC $583.90 (Using $75 AUD off $465 AUD+ w/ Bitcoin Payment) @Newegg

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Planning on Building First Rig Soon. Few Questions?

I started mining with my one 7950 a little while ago, since then I have around $200 worth of coins. I want to build a rig in the near, future and maybe use only the money I get from mining, so it may take a little while.
I want to build a rig with 4 R9 270's and then add 2 more later. I have to buy all my parts in Canada because even if I can get them from USA, there maybe warranty issues.I can get sapphire 270x's for $250 and then sell off the BF4 codes. I don't know what motherboard to get? Any suggestions? The Asrock bitcoin one is out of stock everywhere. Also while a 750w power supply be enough? Is bronze rated good enough, or is it safer to go with gold?
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ASRock introduces a motherboard specially for Bitcoin mining

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[USA-VA] [H]i7 6800k, ASRock X99 Extreme4 2011-3, Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 [W]Bitcoin, PayPal, Local Cash
I would like to get rid of this stuff so please don't be afraid to offer.
i7 6800k + ASRock x99 Extreme4 LGA2011-3 - $310 shipped
Crucial DDR4 2400 16gb - $135 SOLD
Feel free to PM for questions. Please comment before PM.
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[USA-VA] [H]i7 6800k, ASRock X99 Extreme4 2011-3, EKWB 1080 water blocks, evga SLI bridge, 512gb 950 pro m.2 [W]Bitcoin/crypto, PayPal, Local Cash, maybe 7700k
i7 6800k + X99 - $270
EVGA SLI bridge - $20
EKWB Gtx 1080 SC acx3.0 water blocks and back plate - $45 each. Buy both, get the water SLI bridge. They were on evga 1080 sc so whatever else they fit is on you. SOLD ONE, ONE LEFT ALSO: I am missing the bolts that mount the fitting adapter piece to the actual water block. Offer me whatever price on this and I'll let it go.
Samsung 950 pro 512gb - $200
Pm before posting. Prices are shipped. Any questions please ask.
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Hey /r/BAMT, I'm having trouble running 6 290x GPUs but no problems running four. Any advice?

Our machine can hash at 900+ khash when we have four GPUs running. When we try to run 6, the screen either freezes or turns black. Also, when we hard restart (pushing the reset button), only 5 GPUs show up. We have to switch off the machine for BAMT to recognize all 6 GPUs again.
My specs: // BAMT 1.6 // 6 MSI R9 290x's // 2 1200W Raidmax PSUs with a Add2Psu adapter // Asrock Bitcoin Pro H81 Motherboard
Settings that work well with our 4 GPUs but crash 6:
"auto-fan": false, "gpu-fan": "100", "temp-cutoff": "100", "temp-overheat": "98", "temp-target": "90", "worksize": "256", "xintensity": "93", "thread-concurrency": "32765", "gpu-engine": "950", "gpu-memclock": "1425", "gpu-powertune": "20", "gpu-thread": "1", "api-port": "4028", "api-listen": true, "api-allow": "W:", "failover-only" : true, "no-pool-disable": true, "no-submit-stale" : true, "queue": "0", "scrypt" : true, "kernel-path": "/uslocal/bin" 
Do you think this might be a software or power issue? We are using powered PCI Risers.
Let us know if there if any more information we could provide. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Question: ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Mining Bitcoin

Anyone build a rig yet With this board? Wondering if I need powered risers? Also what risers are you using with this board?
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[USA-VA] [H]i7 6800k, ASRock X99 Extreme4 2011-3, EKWB 1080 water block, evga SLI bridge, 512gb 950 pro m.2 [W]Bitcoin/crypto, PayPal, Local Cash, maybe 7700k
i7 6800k + X99 - $260 sold
EVGA SLI bridge - $20
EKWB Gtx 1080 SC acx3.0 water blocks and back plate - $35. Sold
Samsung 950 pro 512gb - $200 SOLD
Pm before posting. Prices are shipped. Any questions please ask.
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[USA-NY] [H] GTX 960 FTW 2GB, 2x GTX 560 DCII OC, i7-2600, asus p8p67 pro motherboard, 4x corsair vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600, HAF XB evo, 3rd gen core i3 + 2x 4GB ram + asrock h61 itx mobo, dusk shadow xbox one controller, firetv stick, meraki ms220 & mx64 [W] paypal, bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin etc.

I'm broke and need money -- here's what I have:
All prices negotiable and listed WITHOUT shipping. I did a quick eBay search for the pricing. It will take me about 2 days after payment to ship -- of course, I'll try to do it as soon as possible
If you send me a PM, you MUST leave a comment here! I'm located on Long Island and willing to drive ~1 hour to meet up. I've met people in NYC for trades here in the past! I'm broke and need money, so I'm open to most secure payment methods -- paypal preferred.
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[USA-IL] [H] Intel i5 4670K, Asrock Z87 Extreme3, 8GB(2x4GB) Crucial DDR3-1600 CL9, Fitbit Alta [W] Paypal, Bitcoin, or local cash.

Recently gave in, and upgraded my CPU, which obviously meant the motherboard, and RAM too.
I'd like to sell these together, but I know it doesn't always happen. Prices include shipping and I'm open to offers:
PICTURES edit: No original boxes or accessories, only what is in pictures. I'll be using the boxes from everything new I just bought.
i5-4670K 3.4GHz $150 $135 Sold to u/loserville101
Crucial Ballistix 8GB DDR3-1600 2x4GB CL9 kit $65 $45 Sold to u/loserville101
Asrock Z87 extreme3 $55 Sold to u/_DarkSeid_
And a Fitbit Alta for $75, which obviously never got used. For info, the marks are pretty unnoticeable, I was just trying to get them to be very visible so there was no room for miscommunications.
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[USA-NJ][H] i7 7700k delidded, ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 GAMING-ITX/AC, Gigabyte GA-Z270M-D3H MATX MB [W] Paypal, BitCoin, Local Cash

i7 7700k. Delidded and stable @ 5ghz on the ASRock MB. Stable @ 4.9ghz on the Gigabyte. My setup on both MBs was CLU on the die, Kyronaut on the IHS with a H75 and NFF12's in push pull. As can be seen in the pics, the processor is completely clean, and will need TIM on the die. Asking $250 shipped. Sold to PRTetu
ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 GAMING-ITX/AC. Only used for a couple months. Complete retail package minus the driver CD. In perfect condition. $125 shipped. Sold to PRTetu
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[USA-CT] [H] i5-3570k+Asrock Z77 Extreme 4, Corsair Cx750m [W] $180 Bitcoin, Paypal

Discount on bitcoin payment of $180 and Paypal $200. Will also sell individual components if desired.
Note on condition: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 has broken usb 3.0 header pins will require replacement if you still want it I am selling it at half the market price at $56 The i5-3570k is fully functional and has about a years worth of usage and the corsair cx750m has only 3 months usage with basically no wear and original cables. Prefers payment in bitcoin if at all possible, because returns are not accepted and I dont want to waste my time and money with people who are not fully committed to the sale. As soon as payment is received I will pm tracking information. Shipping will be free if you buy the full bundle.
Feel free to ask questions/ pm me if interested
Time Stamps:
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[USA-FL][H] i7-5820K, ASRock mobo FATAL1TY X99X Killer, GTX 1070 Aero, Corsair H105, Corsair RM850, BeQuiet Silent base 800, 140mm fans, QNAP TVS-463(diskless), 1 plus 3 (not-"T"), Apple Watch 38mm Gen 1 [W] Verified Paypal, Square Cash, Cash, Google W, BitCoin, WD-RED Pro HDD, WD-Gold HDD

All items are less then 8 months old:
i7-5820K: 6c , no overclocking (just turboboost), been on water the whole lifetime
Amazon Link $350 + shipping -- OBO
ASRock mobo FATAL1TY X99X Killer: Board is great, running a custom BIOS from asrock to accept 16GB ram sticks( it should of by default but it didnt so i contacted asrock)
Amazon Link $260+ shipping -- OBO
GTX 1070 Aero 8gb: It has been running an minimal stable (self tested msi afterburner OC) for about 3 months, I pulled card from service 3 months ago when i upgraded...
Amazon Link $350+ Shipping --OBO
Corsair H105: Has been used on the i7-5820k, works flawlessly
Amazon link $85 + shipping --OBO
Corsair RM850: When system was in use only used about 400, 600 peaks doesn't come with all cables, if u need certain cables ill try to find them for you
Amazon Link $90 +shipping --OBO
BeQuiet Silent base 800: Saddly the case has a significant wear and scuffs, missing some of the PCI-e grates on the back, Missing a 5.25" front panel 'thingy', also a semi-broken part for the front panel fan ( semi-broken as in , it works but it wont support its own weight when the door is open...Closed it will) --- comes with 3 fans: 2x pure wings 2 140mm, 1x pure wings 2 120mm
Amazon Link $40 + shipping -- IF you buy 2 or more things ill give it to u for $20, 4 or more its free + shipping (fans count!)
** Assorted 140mm Fans:**
$10/ea +shipping -- obo
QNAP TVS-463(diskless): Great machine ran multiple VMs at once, and a couple docker instances too, whoever buys her take good care and she'll do the same to your data :D
Amazon Link $600 +shipping -- OBO
1 plus 3 (not-"T"): Warning: not a 1+3t... besides that excellent condition, had some weird issues with dual sims(that were solved with a reboot), thankfully i don't need dual sims anymore, i loved my iphone way to much Color: Graphite
Amazon Link $350 +Shipping -- OBO
Apple Watch 38mm Gen 1: minor scuffs ( u can only see it if u look REALLY close, thanks to the sapphire glass) besides that works flawlessly Black watch, black sports band
Amazon Link $200 +shipping
Note: Im willing to offer a 5% discount per item purchase for buying more then 1 item :P
As some of you are aware I'm new to the online forum trading/selling thing so please be nice and this can go smooth for both of us
for some credibility my steam? Steam Profile Heatware
Edit 1: added heatware link
edit 2: updated sold 3x be quiets are sold , striketrhough isnt working
edit 3: looking for a iphone 7+ if anyone is willing to trade
edit 4: GTX 1070 sold
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[USA-OH] [H] Intel i7 5960X, ASRock X99 Extreme 4, NZXT Kraken X61, Crucial 16GB (4x4gb) DDR4 2133 [W] Verified Paypal, Local Cash, Bitcoin

Intel i7 5960X = $850 sold to royalba94 for $800
ASRock X99 Extreme4 = $140 sold to TheBetterTurbowolf
Removed NZXT Kraken X61, decided to keep it.
Crucial 16GB = $40
I've had these for about a year
Only found the box for the motherboard, which includes 2 and 3 way SLI the manuals, and a couple SATA cables, I will also include another 2 SATA cables currently being used.
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[USA-CA] [H] i5-2400, ASRock P67 Pro3, G.Skill 4GBx2 DDR3-1600, Gigabyte GTX 560, Corsair TX650w [W] Verified Paypal, Bitcoin

No problems with any of the hardware; just upgrading my setup. If you want to bundle any of the items I can cut you a deal.
[CPU] i5-2400 - $60 + shipping
[MOBO] ASRock P67 Pro3 LGA1155 - $50 + shipping
[RAM] G.Skill DDR3-1600 4GBx2 - $20 + shipping
[GPU] Gigabyte GTX 560 Windforce - $35 + shipping
[PSU] Corsair TX650w - $30 + shipping
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[USA-NY] [H] Intel Core i5 3570K, ASRock Z77 Extreme4, Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, Gigabyte Windforce R9 280X, G.SKILL Ripjaws X 2 x 4GB DDR3 1866, Western Digital 1TB, RAIDMAX RX-850AE, Cooler Master HAF 912, QuickFire Rapid TK - MX Brown Switches [W] Verified Paypal, Bitcoins or Wire transfer

What I am selling. CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K @ 4.4GHz Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO GPU: Gigabyte Windforce R9 280X RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB 2 x 4GB DDR3 @ 1866 Storage: Western Digital 1TB Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 PSU: RAIDMAX RX-850AE 850W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 Keyboard: CM Storm QuickFire Rapid TK - with CHERRY MX Brown Switches
Asking Price CPU: $135 Cooler: $20 GPU: $250 RAM: $30 Storage: $40 Motherboard: $120 PSU: $60 Case: $30 Keyboard: $80
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ASRock Releases Bitcoin Mining Motherboard… 1 Year Too Late

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03-09 01:53 - 'New Player Asrock Said to Enter the GPU Mining Market' ( by /u/bitcoinrocks69 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 43-53min

New Player Asrock Said to Enter the GPU Mining Market
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: ASRock H110 Pro BTC - >8 GPU not booting BIOS /r/gpumining

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02-13 21:23 - 'ASRock H110 Mining Motherboard' ( by /u/cryptogeek221 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 14-24min

ASRock H110 Mining Motherboard
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asrock bitcoin mining pro kit 13 GPU Motherboard By ASRock H110 Review and Setup - YouTube asrock 970 extreme4 bitcoin mining AD World  Asrrock H110 Pro BTC+  BitCoin bányászat! Building a 13 GPU Mining Rig - Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ RX560 ...

Asrock stellt die PC-Mainboards H61 Pro BTC und H81 Pro BTC vor. Die Platinen sind auf effizientes Bitcoin-Mining spezialisiert. ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Bitcoin Mining Motherboard Intel 1151 Core i ATX USB 3.0 PCI Express (90-MXB5S0-A0UAYZ) keyboard_arrow_right von ASRock. starstarstarstarstar . Kurzinfo. ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ - Motherboard - ATX - LGA1151 Socket - H110; Chipsatz: Intel H110 Express; Prozessorsockel: 1 x LGA1151 Socket ; Kompatible Prozessoren: Pentium, Celeron, Core i5, Core i3, Core i7 (unterstützt 6 ... - ASRock U-COP - Boot Failure Guard (B.F.G.) - Good Night LED. Support CD - Drivers, Utilities, AntiVirus Software (Trial Version), Google Chrome Browser and Toolbar, Start8 (30 days trial) Accessories - Quick Installation Guide, Support CD, I/O Shield - 2 x SATA Data Cables. Hardware Monitor - CPU, Chassis temperature sensing - CPU, Chassis, Power Fan Tachometer - CPU Quiet Fan (Auto adjust ... Das Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ soll laut Herrn Yang von Asrock Ende July 2017 auf dem Markt erscheinen (Stand: 19.06.2017). Dazu gab es jedoch auch direkt den Hinweis, das die erste Charge nicht allzu viele Mainboards enthält bzw. die Versandmenge begrenzt ist. Daher hier eine Liste von Mainboards aus dem Hause Asrock, welche ebenfalls sehr gut für das GPU-Mining geeignet sein sollen. ASRock Z87 ... ASRock seems to be looking to gain a segment in the expanding GPU market. With the card based on the popular mid-range 500 series, it will be a welcome addition and increase the variety in the market. With current GPU production limited by a lack of GDDR5 and HBM memory, new market additions will unfortunately not solve the GPU crisis.

[index] [15382] [25293] [1575] [6322] [22204] [37095] [11965] [45939] [17452] [18924]

asrock bitcoin mining pro kit

A full and detailed video of my 13 GPU mining rig build. In this video I cover the entire process of building and setting up and mega cryptocoin miner using ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Эрика. Я работаю массажисткой +зарабатываю деньги на майнинге. Проект платит ... Getting to know the UEFI setup utility for the ASRock H81 BTC motherboard. Click F2 at boot. To start mining BTC (or Ethereum/ other crypto currencies) today... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HOW MUCH -