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Do Autonomous Trucks dream of C.W. McCall? Part 9- a new home

Tran was a shitty gambler, Chi mused. He played poker like he was sure the next hand would save him. It didn’t. He overpromised and underpaid. Chi planned on kicking his ass to send a message, but Tran ran that line of shit about millions in bitcoin. Against his better judgment, Chi settled Tran’s debts with every other loan-shark in town and fronted another stack of cash.
And all that ended with Tran gambling that away, talking a load of shit and ending up in this dumpster with a trash-bag tied around his neck.
Chi looked at Tran’s phone and wondered if the money was ever real. Considering it might point back at him, he smashed it against the corner of the dumpster a few times before dropping it and walking back to his car. He had some debts to pay.
Falstaff looked at the paper maps in the motel’s office. He followed the Interstate southeast to the desert and what used to be the California- Arizona border. He looked for places he hadn’t heard of being associated with edgy festivals. Even better, motels with chain-sounding names. That’s the place nobody’d look for him.
He packed his car, coaxed Hank back in the carrier and got in his car. Before he got going, he booted his laptop and put the memory card back in. Evidence wasn’t a problem any more, it was getting found.
He copied the contents to his laptop and poked around. Ten minutes later, he had set up a password cracker against the accounts, hoping that Tran would choose something easier to remember and therefore guessable.
He plugged the laptop’s power supply into the car’s cigarette lighter, then put the laptop on a bag on the back seat.
East he went.
Geoff had the night shift on another Internet giant’s campus. This meant he drove a golf cart around once or twice, then parked himself in the camera room and tried not to sleep. Sleeping would cut his hourly wage and get him kicked back to dangerous, dirty jobs like protecting rail yards from motivated thieves.
He used to pick a skill and research it. He learned to get basic vocabulary in Spanish, Mandarin, Fujianese and was trying Tagalog. He could carry a conversation as long as it revolved around simple topics, like where the bathroom, parking lot and reception desk were, or that he wanted to purchase something.
Tonight he picked at that truck thing again. He used a map application to virtually drive between Phoenix and San Diego. After a few hours, he found the spot on the Interstate that looked like the right landscape from the cameras on the pinball machine. He looked at the street view and the camera view over the older man’s shoulder.
Motherfucker. Spot dab in the withdrawn zone.
Who travels to the middle of nowhere to steal from a truck and only take some stuff?
Couldn’t be locals. Locals would strip the truck bare.
He watched the video again. Looks like they took plain grocery shipping boxes.
Inside job? And steal boxes of fresh pasta and imported wine?
He scrolled back and took a few screengrabs. When he worked security at the shiny new headquarters, they had some wild surveillance tools. Real time tracking using AI image enhancement and they taught you how to use it.
Geoff got pretty good at it. He looked over at his phone and opened the scheduling application for his employer. He underbid a few other people and picked up the next shift.
Which got him reinstated access to the HQ’s slick surveillance system. He uploaded the images and asked it to clean it up. He expected this to take a bit of time, so he cleaned up and got ready for his shift.
And his phone dinged. A match.
That he didn’t ask for. Ten seconds later, he saw a corporate ID card. With that bored look of middle aged techie.
Huh. Dumb name. Looked familiar, but so did every other techie from where he stood. Probably had more money in options than he’d ever earn.
As he drove to work, he wondered why a techie would be robbing trucks in the middle of nowhere instead of getting rich or dying fat here.
He parked, took the shuttle and made it a few minutes early for shift change. He expected a slow night.
Five minutes into the shift, he was sipping good coffee and watching the camera feeds when someone asked for him by name at the desk.
He looked up and saw one of the muscular internal security people smiling at him. Close cropped hair, clear coiled earpiece and the look of someone who worked out at an actual gym instead of lifting five gallon buckets filled with water in a rest stop parking lot. Looked like internal security, maybe even VIP protection.
Guy probably had pretty good benefits. Geoff would love to get a job like that.
Geoff pushed his coffee to the side and stood up to greet the guy asking about him.
Enzokuhle gave Geoff a broad smile and introduced himself as Enzo. The two men were pleasant with one another, but Geoff seemed wary. Enzo didn’t know why he was there either. He was scheduled to do driving and personal protection for a senior exec working in his office, but he got tasked with asking a contract security guard some questions about something very hush-hush.
Whatever. He was good with people. Perhaps he’d learn something.
“Geoff, may we speak outside? This is a sensitive matter, requiring some discretion”
Geoff motioned to his puzzled co-worker by holding up his hand, splaying his fingers and mouthing the word “Five”. The two men walked through the stark but stylish lobby onto a manicured park-like field.
“So, what do you want from me? Not too often we get you guys involved”
“An hour ago, you performed a lookup for a company employee. Have you been in contact with that employee?”
“No. I had an image I wanted processed”
There was an uncomfortable silence as the walked. Geoff realized that Enzo was listening to his ear-piece. Enzo was nodding as he listened.
“I see. So you haven’t seen this person outside the picture you uploaded”
“No, but I have an idea where he might be”
Enzokuhle put his hand up. He wanted to end this transaction as quickly as possible.
“Thank you. Please do not speak of this to anybody else. Your discretion is most important here. Return to your post and we will contact you if we need more from you”. He pointed Geoff back to the lobby without making eye contact.
Galina Ivanova spent a few more minutes talking to Enzo, then thanked him. This was a false lead. AI must be glitchy. No chance that the developer who stole almost a billion dollars was unloading trucks instead of moving that big pile of money somewhere.
Any additional time logged to this goose chase would make her metrics worse. She took off her headset and tried to go back go sleep.
Geoff sat back in his chair. He remembered a video of a scuba diver diving under a moving container ship, looking up at the moving propeller and how close they almost came to a gruesome death.
Why was that guy important enough to throw an alert to internal security?
He looked at his phone and the email with Falstaff’s ID photo. He couldn’t do any lookups to see the last time he was in any of the buildings, since that fed into whatever alerts that brought Internal Security down on his head.
But he remembered something. Employee parking wasn’t owned by Corporate. It was a separate company, which required him to remind annoyed techies when their photo ID wouldn’t trip the gate when some absent-minded developer forgot their garage access card.
Last time this Falstaff guy used the garage was almost two months ago. Such a stereotype. Silver Porsche. Now he knew why the guy looked familiar. He left the day that big brouhaha happened. Rumors flew about the security and custodial staff- some developers stole the next phone design or a treasure trove of celebrity nude photos or something else of value to these people. Anybody too vocal with their opinions got fired and walked out, which Geoff wanted to avoid.
Whatever it was, it was valuable and embarrassing. Made sense to go hide in the desert.
And he had an idea where Falstaff was. Maybe, if he brought him back, there’d be a big enough reward to let him to leave the Valley and go back to Ohio. Pay off debts and raise his family.
It wasn’t like he was making any headway here anyway. He was going on a road trip.
Falstaff was driving slower now. He needed better fuel economy and to take the time to scout out his next stop. Some towns had plain dried up and others still too connected. The last place looked promising. The gas station was a weatherbeaten Sinclair, with a repainted dinosaur. They only took cash. The chain restaurant was burned out and there was a motel “a few miles up”.
Hank was sleeping, but Falstaff’s laptop dinged with the results of his attempt to crack Tran’s big blob of data.
He had passwords for the handful of accounts Tran had dumped on that chip. They weren’t for the financial application he and Tran were working on. Instead, they were for the store’s production environment. He didn’t have a billion dollars in untraceable currency, but he could send almost any consumer good to anybody on the planet and clean up afterwards.
He had some investigating to do, and he preferred a cheap motel to do it from rather than his car.
He rented a room for a few days from a surprised old man and tried to ignore the curious stares from a few permanent residents of the motel.
At least Hank enjoyed exploring the room and this motel would not get the camera friendly festival crowd.
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RaizAU Beginners Guide (Updated!)

Many thanks to u/kvramji and u/inertia_2017 whose original Acorns (and subsequently Raiz) guide this is built on top of (with a few FAQs from Raiz themselves).
This post was last updated on October 23, 2020, and I'll endeavour to update it periodically.
What is Raiz?
Raiz is a financial service, helping you to save and invest your money. They enable Australians to start early, invest often, and reach their financial goals.
How does Raiz work?
Raiz helps you proactively invest. One key feature is round-ups; we round up each of your transactions to the nearest dollar, and invest the change into a diversified portfolio. Simply connect a debit card, or other funding source, then provide us with some basic information. We give you the option of choosing a portfolio that is in line with your investment goals and the amount of risk you’re comfortable taking.
Note that Raiz offers other great ways of investing besides round-ups, for more info please see this article.
What are the fees?
Once an account is opened, there are no fees on $0 balances and after that there is a monthly fee as follows:
Portfolio Balance (<$10,000) Balance ($10,000 and up)
All portfolios (exc. Sapphire) $2.50 p/month (charged monthly) 0.275% p.a. (charged monthly, computed daily)
Sapphire $2.50 p/month + 0.275% p.a. (charged monthly, computed daily) $2.50 p/month + 0.275% p.a. (charged monthly, computed daily)
An rough idea of monthly fees on a range of balances can be seen below:
Average Monthly Balance All portfolios (exc. Sapphire) Sapphire
$500 $2.50 $2.61
$1,000 $2.50 $2.73
$2,500 $2.50 $3.07
$5,000 $2.50 $3.65
$10,000 $2.29 $4.79
$20,000 $4.58 $7.08
$50,000 $11.46 $13.96
Any other fees, including any future changes can be found here.
Raiz Beginners Guide
What’s Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)? Dollar Cost Averaging is basically spreading your investments in such a way that you can take advantage of the ever fluctuating daily price of stocks. The best example of this concept is given in a simple example here.
What do you mean by Portfolio?
Raiz uses the money which is put into the app by making you pick a type of profile which is differentiated from one another by the risk involved, as well as a few other characteristics (socially responsible, or an exposure to Bitcoin). The risk factor varies, depending on the portfolio. A breakdown based on portfolio can be found in the table below, including the minimum suggested investment timeframe (MSIT):
Risk Level (Raiz Defined) Portfolio MSIT
Low Conservative 3 months
Low to Moderate Moderately Conservative 1 year
Moderate Moderate 2 years
Moderate to High Moderately Aggressive 3 to 5 years
High Aggressive 5 to 7 years
Moderate to High Emerald 3 to 5 years
Very High Sapphire 5+ years
NOTE: Once you decide which portfolio to go by, try to not change between portfolios if you see a loss in the value of the account initially. Stick by it and don’t keep changing portfolio, because you might lose more while changing portfolio because it involves selling and buying stocks at different rates.
What portfolio should I pick?
Common question. It all depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. There are also portfolios available if you'd prefer a socially responsible portfolio, or an exposure to Bitcoin. The longer you intend to hold your money in your account, the higher risk you might be willing to take.
NOTE: Do NOT panic when you see a down day with a loss against your portfolio. The BEST thing you can think of is DCA. If you have set up recurring investments, you are going to see gains as soon as the stocks go up in price.
Which portfolio performs the best?
Common question. Raiz releases an annual report that provides a summary of portfolio performance, typically in August.
Portfolio performance for the past two years, for all portfolios (excluding Sapphire) can be found here.
Something to note: past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Just because a portfolio has done well over the years, it is no guarantee that will continue to be the case, and things such as pandemics, market crashes and the like do happen. Pick a portfolio that suits your needs.
What is Raiz Rewards?
This is a feature in Raiz which gives you some percentage of the money spent for purchasing with vendors they have tie ups with. The method that you use varies slightly for online and in store purchases.
Online Vendors
To ensure you can get the rewards, go to your PC to the online retail store and add items to the cart. Make sure you go via the Raiz website (or App) to the vendor either on the PC or mobile. Finalize the payments via the link that Raiz takes you by and finish the purchase.
In Store Vendors
To ensure you can get the rewards, go to your App, click Rewards -> In-Store.
Click the vendor option, and select 'Activate Now'. Then, go shopping in store with that reward partner. Make sure you use a card that is linked to your Raiz account.
Payment of Rewards
This percentage that is listed in Raiz Rewards can take up to 90 days (typically 30 days for online, 90 days for in store purchases/Raiz Energy) to show up under the Raiz Rewards column in the "History" window in the mobile app. The percentage varies with each vendor.
What about dividends?
Dividends get paid periodically on the ETF holdings that you have, proportional to the amount of each ETF you own on as of the ex-dividend date. These dividends are invested into your Raiz account, approximately one business day after payment date.
Raiz run an annual blog post outlining the dates that dividends are expected to be paid (they vary slightly). That can be found here.
What about taxes?
Raiz will provide you with tax information at the end of financial year which tells you how to report any earnings from your Raiz account. It comes in the form of a Tax Statement, and is typically available in the third week of July.
This can be found in app by going to My Settings -> Support -> View Statements
How long do transactions stay in pending?
Raiz typically takes up to five business days for taking the money from your account and buying shares and for it to show up as processed. So don’t panic if it takes a few days. It’s a common thing.
Well I've read through this and I've got another issue - where can I go for help?
The Raiz Support crew are available to help you out with your Raiz issues. I've had personal experiences in the past where I've needed a hand, and they've been really great.
You can find more info on how to contact them on the Raiz Support webpage. Or hit them up on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
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Would anyone like a pizza?

Edit: We're finished now with 30, $25 Pizzas given away total! To the winners, remember to post a thank you post to this sub with a picture of the food!

To commemorate the 9 year anniversary of the 10,000 BTC (valued at $80 Million today) purchase of a Pizza, we're going to give 25 people some cryptocurrency they can use to buy themselves some pizza. We'll explain how to do it below, it shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes from getting tipped to ordering your food!
Unfortunately we can't use Bitcoin for this because with fees nearing $5 per transaction you'd need to spend close to $10 on fees alone per pizza & have to wait about an hour for the transaction to go through - instead we will tip you $25 worth of Nano, a fee-less and instant currency that is also over 1 million times greener than Bitcoin.

--- --- ---

How to get pizza:

--- --- ---

I got tipped, how do I buy the pizza?
  1. Go to (there is alternate stores but we recommend this one as it's instant delivery)
  2. Add a $25 gift card to your cart (If you don't have a Domino's nearby you can pick another takeout, Walmart etc.)
  3. Checkout and select "NANO" as payment method (Picture)
  4. On the payment page, click the "copy address" button to copy the Nano payment address.
  5. PM the tip-bot *(*u/nano_tipper): send [amount] [address] Where the amount is the Nano amount listed and the address is the one you just copied. (Picture) Example: send 15 xrb_12345678910
  6. You'll receive the gift card code via email and use this to purchase your food!
This looks like a lot of steps but it should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Enjoy your pizza!
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I met a person who was advertising his weed products online and I added him on snapchat. When I added him he sent a 2-page long menu with different weed strains and carts. I eventually sent him $125 via the cash app. He seemed to run a very legit business. Someone else handled the money, he was the one who just shipped the product. Once he told me that he shipped my product he sent me this website link called and he gave me a tracking number. The whole idea of the flexible shipping is that it bypasses scans and then gives the package to the delivery person. The website looked legit.. ish... and when I emailed the customer service with questions they emailed me back. When on the tracking page on the website, the weight of my package seemed accurate, he left a nice comment telling me to enjoy my package, and it said my shipment was active with the expected delivery date. The reason that I emailed them was that I received an email from them the day my package was expected to deliver. They said since it was a discreet package nonscanning parcel package, it needed an insurance deposit that was refundable upon delivery. I reached out to the guy I originally I bought off of and he said that it is legit and then sent me screenshots showing how other people had their money sent back to them. He told me that my package already was already shipped out and that if I didn't pay the money that they requested it would be handed over and be searched by the USPS. He was also very good at socially playing me, making me feel like he was an honest guy. He also sent me a picture of my package with his name and my name and address. I eventually caved in and sent him the money. He said that he would talk to the shipping company and let me know when it would arrive. He hasn't seen my message yet and it been a day and also no package has arrived. I'm pretty positive that I have been scammed. This is a lesson learned and I wanted to share my story so you all don't make the same mistake. Sorry, I know this is a lot of information. Comment about any questions.
The original email talking about refundable insurance is below.
Dear Client Accept greetings from our entire staff. We wish to inform you that you have, at our disposal a package registered under your names (my name was here but blocking out for privacy) pending insurance. You need to insure your package before it can be delivered to your address. According to the terms and condition of our company and In reference to Article: 594/12 Ministerial decree No. 307 which states that: All Items/Commodities And All Conditions: Used And New Exported out of the Country or state by state must be Insured and custom charges paid. Reasons to Insure With Us:
-Full Replacement value, not depreciated cash value. Multiple Coverage options: Catastrophic, Basic Risk and All Risk.-Your Freight insurance coverage placed will be Primary not Contingent:-Most of our competitors offer "Contingent freight insurance" which is coverage that is contingent upon the carriers liability and their terms and conditions. It's secondary insurance and it will only cover you if your claim is denied by the carrier. If the carrier accepts your claim, then you will receive their limited freight liability coverage which pays based on the weight of your shipment, not it's full value, . In addition, they don't cover high risk items, or high valued items.-If you want full coverage for the full declared value of your shipment, regardless of the carrier's terms, then primary coverage is the answer. Our Primary coverage is replacement cost coverage for the full declared value of the items and is in excess to the liability of the carrier; meaning our insurance coverage will come first. Don't leave it up to the carrier to decide your coverage. You want full protection of your shipment with primary freight insurance.-Coverage is provided direct from insurers with the highest industry ratings for Financial Strength and claims payment.A with AM Best and A+ with Standard and Poor's. -No Hassle, Fast and Easy Claims Processing:-The benefit of being protected by a top rated insurer, is that you can rest assured that they can pay for your loss. Our Insurer has the highest possible industry ratings for financial strength and claims payment handling. We help expedite the process by immediately submitting your claim direct to the claims dept. and keeping track of it, to make sure you're taken care of.Our Friendly Service:-Exceptional customer service is our goal and our friendly insurance agents practice it every day. We are always here to answer your questions and help assist you with your insurance needs.-This refundable Insurance is valid for 12 months, As such you can ship other items using this same coverage for a period of 12 months. Full Replacement value, not depreciated cash value. Multiple Coverage options: Catastrophic, Basic Risk and All Risk. Category for Discreet Parcels. A- First Class Discreet Parcels Requires a Refundable Insurance Fee Of $350 B-Sercond Class Discreet Parcels Requires a Refundable Insurance Fee Of $250 C-Third Class Discreet Parcels Requires a Refundable Insurance Fee Of $150 Since Your Parcel Falls under Category B (Second Class Discreet Parcels), You Need To Pay an insurance fee of $250 and $250 is Refundable upon delivery of your package, So That An Insurance Stamp can be placed on your package so we can proceed with delivery.This fee must be paid before we can proceed with the delivery of your parcel. In case Of any damages, the Insurance Company will be responsible for the cost of another package and will take care of the shipment and delivery to your address.You are required to keep the payment receipt as you will have to present it to get your Package
This Package most be insured using ***APPLE PAY=(***203)919-4812 0r through bitcoin. Once payment is confirmed, we will email the new tracking number of your parcel to you. You can contact us through this email or by phone. Your money will be refunded back to thesame account you'll use to insure your package.
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From my uneducated (I'm working on it) and knowledgeable perspective, I wrote an essay of sorts on Ballistic Wampum on a comment about Fallout's use of bottle caps as currency and how naive that is. I thought I'd share it here but I am not very smart so don't judge to harshly.

EDIT: Apparently America relies on a credit based system unlike my country, Australia, which has gold reserves. I should note Australia avoided the worst of the GFC and with my limited knowledge of economics, a credit based system seems very ill-advised.

Metro 2033 and its videogame and literary sequels feature the superior theoretical currency. Ballistic wampum. Think about economics for a brief minute with me. The coins you spend have real value based on the gold reserves our government keeps to give them value. Bonds, stocks and so forth also act as currencies because, just like coins, they represent real value kept in safety. Owning a coin is owning a small piece of your countries gold reserves. Bitcoin is a rare exception and as such will unlikely last because it's inherent value relies on what people think of it. Newer blockchain currencies aren't making the same mistake. In a post-apocalytic scenario where governments are destroyed alongside their reserves, anarcho-capitalism and barter economy will ensue. Rarity of supplies will make something like gold, whose value rests on its beauty and scarcity (at least before electronics became a big deal but that is unimportant) will become useless.

So what will the currency be?

Now maybe litre containers of petrol will become the currency. Well you want to buy next weeks worth of food and the price of petrol means you use a ox and cart so carting around that much petrol is too difficult. Metals like iron, copper or lead is less liquid in terms of turning it into a product so using that as a currency is a good idea until someones foundry is doing so well that most people already have all the steel based products they are likely to use and the foundries no longer purchase large quantities.

The realistic alternatives

Food, water amd fuel are useful but only in large quantities. Spices are perhaps rare enough and useful enough in terms of making shitty wormy food palatable but not everyone likes them. Clothes are rarer and more valuable based on the difficulty in producing them but still not liquid enough as it is quite easy to meet demand. Electricity is too easy to produce and factoring in the large quantity of electronic products versus the amount of people who both survive and have enough time to fuck around.

Usefulness and scarcity being key

Drugs and alcohol are a better bet. Alcohol is too easy to produce. Pills and other chemicals are liable to be used up to quickly with the absence of complex laboratories. Tobacco products are very common and enjoyed by many, probably by more in the wasteland. Marijuana, mushrooms and amphetamines even more so (methamphetamine in particular is far easier to produce than a vast number of other drugs, with fairly straight forward recipes employed by trailer trash all over the world). These drugs may become a currency in some parts of the world because they either are a brief escape from the world that won't seriously impair your chance of survival or they even improve it with amphetamines giving you a greater albeit physically dangerous edge and mushrooms possibly giving you a serious combat advantage (it is theorised by some as the drug used by vikings to induce berserkergang). These have an unfortunate downside. Gold is rare, very rare. Establishing a goldmine takes time with limited outputs. If mushrooms or meth or weed became the currency, hyperinflation will happen quickly as post apocalytic kitchens, greenhouses and caves become literal mints.

So what is the solution?

Ammunition. Specifically the military grade cartridges used most commonly but still rare and deadly. In Metro 2033 this is I believe 7mm AK bullets because of the vast number of both AKs and modified AKs like the Kalash, serving as both assault weapons and submachine guns. What makes these inherently valuable apart from the obvious and how do you prevent hyper-deflation? Humanity cannot function in a state of permanent war without crippling us in no small manner as people. Large communities would stockpile this ammunition but primarily use less valuable munitions for small border skirmishes, fighting dissidents and fending off beasties. In a do or die situation, shooting money seems a small price to pay. I can't tell you what the equivalent in the USA is. The other thing is, mutual destruction. An incredibly rich post apocalypse town may elect to provide it's equivalent of special forces (militia style) with high-value bullets. Do you really want to fight people who are prepared to shoot away money? Hence uneasy peace (but still peace) dawns on the new powers that be.

One last thing

I should note that old military people will gradually use their knowledge of military assets and locations to find new caches of what is now money and hence fight deflation as the "modern bankers" of the apocalypse.

TLDR; ammunition serves as protection, difficult to replicate without old world industry, looks pretty, serves as a warning to those who would fight people who literally shoot money. Also doesn't really expire or lose value.

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In this article, I will introduce which started on 27th Feb, 2020. It provides medium and long term deposit plans, and you can break even as soon as 18 working days. The program is advertised by an investor who is also my friend during past years in HYIP industry. Both my former withdrawal requests were processed successfully into my wallet. Now let’s see the details of it.
Started: 27th Feb 2020
My deposits: $250
The amount of 250 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U22539007. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. deposit hyiper.. Date: 03:52 29.02.20. Batch: 304807662
Investment Plans
  1. Deposit 50–499 dollars, earn 1.3% each working day for 18 working days and principal back
  2. Deposit 500–2999 dollars, earn 1.6% each working day for 28 working days and principal back
  3. Deposit 3000–9999 dollars, earn 1.8% each working day for 35 working days and principal back
  4. Deposit 0.01–4.99 BTC, earn 2.5% each working day for 78 working days and principal included
  5. Deposit 1–249 ETH, earn 2.5% each working day for 78 working days and principal included
These are only parts of the plans provides. If you want to know more, you can register an account and see the details from your panel. Different ecurrencies have different plans. For crypto investment, you will earn crypto profit without exchange. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC, then you will earn 0.025 BTC every day. For USD investment, you can withdraw profit from different payment options, for example, if you deposit through Payeer, then you can withdraw profit to PerfectMoney account.
Referral Commissions divides promoters into 8 ranks below:
  1. Start: no personal and structural turnover required(4%-2%-1%-1%)
  2. Partner: personal $100, structural $50000(5%-3%-1%-1%-1%)
  3. Agent: personal $1000, structural $200000(6%-4%-2%-2%-1%-1%)
  4. Manager: personal $5000, structural $800000(7%-4%-2%-2%-1%-1%-1%)
  5. Director: personal $10000, structural $2500000(8%-5%-2%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%)
  6. Gold: personal $15000, structural $8000000(9%-6%-3%-2%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%)
  7. Platinum: personal $20000, structural $15000000(9%-6%-4%-3%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%)
  8. VIP: personal $30000, structural $30000000(10%-7%-5%-4%-3%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%)
The referral system developed is based on the static use of partnership levels (statuses) already achieved by a partner of Unitex Capital. It is the most equitable and progressive system of partnership, the essence of which is that the achieved personal turnover of investments of any client as well as achieved turnover of its partner structure will not decrease when some deposits are completed. Thus, partner statuses will only grow as long as personal and structural turnover of each customer grows. At the same time, regardless of the level of partner structure 100% of the nominal value of any partner deposit will be taken into account in the structural turnover.
Payment Options accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
Withdrawal Type
All payment requests will be completed within 48 hours.
More Information designs an original template for its website, and it supports 9 languages currently which are already enough for globally investors. registered a New Zealand investment company which can be check on their “About us” page.
If you want to communicate with admin directly, you can add their social accounts at top of the website or make a phone(+6448881363).
Read More:
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“Half-Off” Scam

Not sure if this was a scam or not, but it sounded really fishy to me. Wanted to know if this was a common scam I hadn’t seen online or something else I was missing.
There’s this guy that me and a bunch of my friends have on Snapchat called “cheap foods” he posts on his story all kinds of things that you can buy like gift cards for food, accounts like Netflix, Hulu, pornhub, etc. and other things. I was curious to see if it actually worked, so I bought codes for 5 chick fil a chicken sandwiches from him last week for $7. They got emailed to me as “thanks for completing the survey” with QR code’s for the sandwich. I tried, and they work.
Now, in order to buy from him, you can’t just message him on Snapchat. You have to download the app “Telegram” to join a group chat where he posts all the deals, and to message him privately when you want to order something. In the group chat there are over 600 people, but you can’t message the group chat as he has that turned off. The only way to talk to other people is to message them privately.
His biggest claim to fame is that he can give you half off deals on any item from specific stores. each store has its own limit for items and total monetary vale (i.e. has a limit of 1 item and no more than $400). You can only pay with credit/debit cards at some stores, or only with PayPal at others for it to “work.”
What you do to use this service is message him telling him what you want to buy, with a screenshot of your online cart. He will then confirm that all the items in your cart will work, and then buy it as you normally would online, for full price. Once it comes in the mail you message him saying it came, with information that he asks for like address, first and last name, and last 4 digits of the card you used to pay for it. He then works his magic and gets you a full refund on the card or PayPal, without having to return the item. He has posted screenshots of conversations with customer service on his story. After getting your money back, you have to pay him half the amount the item originally cost, using either Venmo, cash app, or bitcoin. If you don’t pay for the item, he threatens to reverse the refund, making you pay full price.
My first though upon hearing this was “this is amazing” but it clearly seems like a scam. Besides the $7 chick fil a, I haven’t bought anything. It seems to me that if this wasn’t a scam, he would run it for himself and sell the items on Craigslist for 80% of their price, rather than just “helping people get stuff for cheaper” for only 50% of the value of the item. So, is this a scam anyone has seen or heard of? If it is a scam, how so exactly? Will doing it result in me paying for the item and paying him?
TLDR: Snapchat guy offers 50% refunds on anything bought online while you keep the item. Seems too good to be true, possible scam.
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Ytaopal Agent Review + Guide

Hey Guys,
after I shipped my last few Hauls via Ytaopal I think I can give a honest Opinion about Ytaopal and can give you some Tips about Ytaopal
If you are using Superbuy, you should check out hyperionfr `s Guide here. Its better and bigger than mine but he only talked about Superbuy as Agent, that inspired me about doing my own little Guide for yall.


  1. Basics (brought to you by hyperionfr)
  2. How to buy from Taobao, Tmall, Yupoo and more Sources via Ytaopal
  3. Shipping and Customs (+ my Experiences)
  4. My Experiences with Ytaopal (+ compared to Superbuy)


1. What is an Agent?

tl;dr: An Agent is a commercial Service which lets you buy Items off of Chinese Websites and deliveres them to you. An Agent also sends you Pictures of your Items before shipping and is talking to the Sellers for you. These Services take a small fee for their Service but this is in the most cases absolutely worth it so you should use them.

For new users coming to this sub daily it is hard to directly understand the point of an agent. Be honest, you did not do better in your first days/weeks. So instead of redirecting them to the searchbar just explain it to them in 2 sentences.
The main website we buy our reps from is It is like a amazon or eBay for China - solely for China. The problem that results is that we need a connection between your country and China. You cannot buy from TaoBao directly (for most of the countries) and you probably would not understand anything. So here comes the agent in hand. You browse through your favorite TaoBao shops and find some items you want to buy. Now you do not buy it through TaoBao but through your agent (in our case Ytaopal). Ytaopal now buys this exact item and lets it deliver to their warehouse. You ask for pictures, measurements, exchanges, returns etc. When everything is fine Ytaopal will package everything and deliver it to you. They are the connection between you and TaoBao.
(the longer Text was written by hyperionfr for his Guide)

2. Which agent to use?

As suggested by the Title of the Post, Im using Ytaopal. In my time into Fashionreps I used a few Agents like Superbuy, Basetao, CSSBuy and Ytaopal. None of them is bad but there are some differences in their offerings and prices. For first-time buyers I would suggest going with Superbuy, which is a bit more expensive then the other ones but is the most professional and the most easy to use. In addition, you can find more than enough Guides for buying via Superbuy on this Subreddit.

How to buy from Taobao, Tmall, Yupoo and more Sources via Ytaopal

1. Buying things on Chinese Websites

tl;dr Taobao/Tmall Tutorial:
  1. get a Link for what you want
  2. go to Ytaopal and paste your Link into the Searchbar
  3. Select type and sizing
  4. Click the "Add to Cart" Button
  5. Go into your Cart
  6. Click the Checkout Button
  7. Pay the Items

1.1 Signing Up

Just go to the top-right corner and select "Register". Just put in your email, username and password and you should be fine.

1.2 Finding Items

You can buy Items from many different Chinese Sites. You can find the officially Supported Sites on Ytaopals Homepage, altough its not listed there, you can order from Yupoo and Wechat too.
For finding the Items you want, just take a look into the Subreddit and check out some of the Hauls other Guys did. In most cases you can find a Review of the Item and a Link to the Seller. You can also click some recommended Links on Taobao or explore some sellers on Yupoo.
A big help while checking out Items on Taobao can be u/AColdFloor `s QCSuite Addon which can be found here. It displays the QC Pictures of other Users to you right on the Taobao site. With that, you can check how the Item looks in reality and can decide better.
For Translating Chinese I found Google Translator (for Websites) and Yandex Image OCR (for Pictures) the most useful. Most of the time you can get a Sense of what the Seller is trying to tell you.

1.3 Buying Items

If you found the Items you want, click at the Searchbar at the Homepage of Ytaopal and just Copy your Link into it. If its a Link from a officially Supported Site you can just Click the Options and you see a Picture of your Pick. The Price will also be automatically filled.
If you want to order from CNFashionBuy/CNFashionPub, scroll down at the Articles Site and click the Yupoo link. After you got the Yupoo Link just do the usual Ordering Process through Yupoo (below). When using the CN Sites, set the "Price" to that listed on the Site and set "Shipping" to 0.
If you want to order from Yupoo, paste the Link into the searchbar on the Homepage and the Ytaopal Site will be Blank. Now fill out the Blank Spaces, into "Title" just copy the Name of the Yupoo Album of your desired Item. Prices should be listed somewhere on Yupoo too. Now just fill in the Size you want into the "Comments" field.
If you want to order from WeChat, write an Email towards [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) telling them the WeChat Name and the Items you want, try to specify what you want as specific as possible.
How to order from Taobao Imgur Tutorial
How to order from Yupoo Imgur Tutorial

1.4 Paying

Ytaopal uses a Balance System, that means you cant be overcharged and can only pay what you charged up before. All Refunds will be added to your Ytaopal Balance.
To charge up your balance just navigate to the Dashboard of your Ytaopal Account and click "recharge". For adding Money to your Account you can use Debit Cards, Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer, iDeal, Giropay, Polipayment, Trustpay, EPS, Mistercash, Mybank (France/Belgium/Italy and Luxembourg), Sofort, Safetypay and Multibanco. You can select the amount you want to charge up and the fees for it will be shown below.
If you want to pay with Paypal (which is pretty likely), just write an Email at the Support. They are gonna tell you the Paypal-adress and what you have to do. Paying with Paypal is fee-less and takes 24h at most. (the Support needs to add the Balance manually to your Account)

1.5 the Warehouse

After you ordered your Items, you can see them listed in your Warehouse after they arrive at Ytaopal. The Warehouse lists your Items and shows the Order-Number, Price and Weight.
When your Items are listed in the Warehouse, you can click on "QC Album" (on the Dashboard) or "My QC Pictures" (at the Sidebar) to see the Pictures your Agent took of your Pieces. In my opinion, those pictures are far superior to the QC Pics of Superbuy. (more to my Experiences down below)
Ytaopal Warehouse + QC Pics Imgur Album

2. Getting your Items shipped to you

tl;dr Tutorial:
  1. go to your Warehouse
  2. select the Items you want to ship
  3. click the "Add to package" Button
  4. Fill in your Adress and your favourite shipping method
  5. Pay for your Package
To get your fresh new clothes shipped to you, just go to your Warehouse and tick the Boxes besides the Items you want to ship then click "add new Package" and you will be taken towards the Checkout Screen. There you select your Shipping Adress, Shipping Service (DHL GANG GANG) and Select if you wanted to keep Boxes or throw them away. You should throw them away if you dont need them, that saves you a lot of money and can be benefical with the customs. Underneath you can input some Comments that you want to tell Ytaopal, unless like other Agents Ytaopal will not write those Comments on your Parcel.
Ytaopal shipping Screenshot Imgur

2.1 Declaration

tl;dr Tutorial:
  1. Check the total weight of your Parcel
  2. Check the Customs Regulations about Parcels for your Country
  3. Pick the Price you want to declare your Haul at
  4. Submit your Parcel
  5. Write an Email to the Support including your Parcel-Number and tell them how you want to declare your Items.
  6. Ask the Support to send you the Invoice they put on your Parcel
My Tip for you is to let the Comment Section blank and write an Email to the Support after you submitted your Parcel. When you write an Email you can tell them exactly how you want to declare it. If you dont tell them anything they will declare it at original Pricing so you should at least do it in the Comments if you dont want to write that Email. Also, if you dont tell them anything about the Items inside, they will just put the real Items on the Box (e.g. if you bought 3 Hoodies and 1 Shirt, it will just be declared at 3 Hoodies and 1 Shirt but fitting to the Price you want). If you just say they should declare it to 30$ for example they are gonna fit your Items to 30$ with free Shipping. Depending on your Country, you should probably set it to ~5$ Shipping or how you want. Remember to ask them to send you the Invoice they put on the Parcel.
You will not receive a shipping Refund with Ytaopal, but the Pricing is a good bit cheaper than Superbuys. You can calculate shipping Prices via the Calculator found on their Homepage, remember that this is only accurate with EMS as DHL goes for volumetric weight which you cannot be calculated.

2.2 What happens when the Customs Check my Haul

First Advice, calm down. It is very unlikely that Customs open up your Haul randomly. If you are in a Country of the European Union, Customs cannot open your Parcel without you accepting to open it if its not looking Suspicious.

If you are using DHL, just check the Tracking Site to see your Parcelstatus."Customs status updated" - Your Parcel has been announced to Customs or you need to hand-in a Proof of Worth for your Items. You can see this when clicking on the "+ Button" on the tracking Site.
" Processed for clearance at LEIPZIG - GERMANY " - The Customs started working on your Parcel, nothing bad.
" Clearance event " - Your Parcel is stuck or delayed, most of the time you are fine. If its on this Status for a longer Period of time, call DHL."Clearance processing complete at LEIPZIG - GERMANY " - Your Parcel got through Customs without Problems!
How to do the Proof of Worth:
Obviously, you dont want to pay Taxes so you need to fake the Invoice. The Invoice that Ytaopal sent you is not going to be accepted as such Invoices can easily be faked. So what do you send the Customs then?
Just go to your Paypal recent activities and pick a Payment. Click F12 and edit the Date of the Transaction (to the Date your Parcel was Packed), the Worth (to your declared Value). Just take a Screenshot of your edited Transaction and upload it to DHL4You. You may need to call them and tell them you uploaded it afterwards.
Sometimes they want the Proof of Worth for every single Item, just go to your Parcel on Ytaopal and F12 again. Change the Values of the Items to match the total worth of your Parcel and just send them this Screenshot too.

There are probably Guides for declaration for your specific Countries on the Subreddit, just search them.

3. My Experiences with Ytaopal (+ compared to Superbuy)

In my Experience, Ytaopals Customer Support is the best I ever encountered. Big thanks to Alice and Shmily for helping me out with my Questions and Orders. As you can see in the Pics, I spammed them a little bit and they were very kind and never Rude. Remember Bois, always be nice to your Agent and Sellers, they are getting your Shit for you.
The Emails I wrote to Ytaopal Imgur
Here is a quick comparison between the 2 Agentservices:
Ytaopal Superbuy
- better QC Pics - definetly worse QC pics
- more Personal, worse Website - more automated, better Website
- uses their own Mind instead of just doing what you said - does strictly what you said
- only Beijing-Time Support - 24/7 Support
- fewer Workers, slower when there are more Parcels - more Workers

As seen in the Table, Ytaopal is an Agent which requires you to Contact them a lot to manage your Shipments and Orders. That may be a bit complicated for newcommers, but gives experienced shoppers a lot more "customization".

If you got any more Questions or anything, just write a Comment or send me Message, im glad to help.
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I Figured Out How To Consistently Get Oculus Quest 64gb For $325-$335

Edit: Truly not sure why I am being downvoted. I keep getting Quests at this price, and if you actually investigate the content of the post yourself, you will see that this method is legit. Feel free to ask me any detailed questions about it below.
First off, I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with any website mentioned in this post. I hope this will lead to more experiences being created that I can enjoy, but I doubt this single post will make a huge difference. This is because for the effort, many people won't consider the $100 savings worth it (64gb Quest is over $400 when you include taxes)
That being said, here are the steps:
  1. Create an account on a website called I will explain what this site does below.
  2. Create an account with a credible cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase
  3. Purchase Bitcoin Cash via Coinbase
  4. Add a Quest to your cart, proceed to name your discount and checkout
  5. Send the Bitcoin Cash to the wallet address specified on the last page at
  6. Once you get your order in the mail, release the bitcoin in your account to the seller. Many noobs forget to do this and it drives the other party crazy.
Your very first transaction, Purse babies you a bit. They don't let you name a big discount, so technically before following the steps above, you have to order something cheap and name a smaller discount. This is because a lot of people don't understand why the wait exists. That's okay though because it will help you feel a bit better about spending more money after you have done it once successfully.
Purse is a platform that connects people who have amazon gift cards (mostly from doing mturk tasks I hear) and people who want to spend bitcoin or bitcoin cash at a discount. The people with amazon gift cards are willing to take a slight loss on the value of their cards in exchange for crypto, and you can benefit from that. The longer you are willing to wait to get your Quest, the bigger your discount. I usually use 33% because I don't mind waiting 10+ days for someone to grab my order, but I totally get if you want to get a slightly lower discount and get it quicker. I get impatient sometimes checking my account and think "Is someone ever going to pick up my 33% order", but I always get really happy when someone finally does because I just saved a lot of money for my patience.
Remember, you are getting your Quest sent to you as a gift via Amazon, meaning you get that same Amazon experience you know and love. You are not buying it on Purse. They are simply acting as a credible middleman between you and the person that wants your bitcoin.
If you don't trust the website, or you don't want to learn how to send Bitcoin Cash, I totally get it. I just wanted to put this option out there for those willing to jump through a few hoops to save some real money on their HMD. I will also be stocking up my own account before Black Friday and Cyber Monday so that I can cut even more off those prices. I can usually build computers that would normally cost $600 for a little over half the price on Cyber Monday. I hope this was interesting to someone out there.
Lastly, if you want to research Purse to see if they are legit, there is a subreddit about it. There are also tons of people that Google it before they buy for the first time (including myself). If you don't trust me, which you shouldn't, do your own research and see if it's something you would like to try.
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Why Cash is King.


ready money.
money or its equivalent (such as a check)

BCH is as fast as handing someone paper money or hard currency. The receiver of the funds has the funds available immediately, exactly like paper money. Can spend the funds immediately, exactly like paper money or hard currency.
The arguments for BCH meeting "cash" standards are pretty high. Especially when the definition of cash includes checks.
BCH is actually transferred in far less time than using a check or a debit card. You see your funds immediately, much like a check or debit card. But the confirmation time with BCH is, on average, 10 minutes.
Here’s a quick look at how long it takes for major banks and retailers to clear or cash checks
Chase: funds available for withdrawal by second business day after day of deposit
Bank of America: funds generally available next business day
US Bank: Cutoff time is 9 p.m. Central time Monday through Friday; after that or on nonbusiness days or holidays, checks are processed the following business day
In this regard, BCH is more "ready money" than checks or debit cards. Both of which are trusted like cash, everywhere, to everyone, right now.
The only header that checks and debit cards have going for them is they are visibly feeless to the sender. In which case you still wait at least a day for "confirmation".
The reason checks and debit cards are still accepted, like cash, is because we all trust them - to an extent - like cash. I trust venmo more than I want to admit, because, lets face it.. the majority does. Venmo, or an equivalent, is treated as cash currently in personal scenarios.
It stands to reason, BCH meets the requirement for "ready money" better than a check would, and checks meet the definition of cash.
BCH gains its value by being like cash. It could technically replace cash as the ready money for the world because of the pros of using BCH over cash, checks, venmo, debit cards or what have you.
Cash currently has no real value. It simply is the current representation of adopted exchange. By being used, more frequently for everything, it gains value.
When something has value, you tend to hodl it. Just like I hodl some cash at the bank to make sure I don't have to worry about the next X amount of time (insert desired amount of worry-free time here).
Of course I hodl some BCH, it gains value every time it replaces cash in a transaction. With every tick of transaction increase. With every new adoption.
Why, in my opinion, is BCH more valuable than the current cash? Deflation. The more instances of BCH replacing cash, the more value it attains, the more hodling happens and scarcity becomes a huge player. Cash doesn't gain in value because its inherently inflationary. Scarcity doesn't exist at the macro level. More money is printed every day.
Add scarcity to the mix, you get the gold quality of BCH. It becomes a store of value.
But you can't put the cart before the horse. Value does not equate dollar value and is not inherent in digital or physical assets. Take away the cash-like property and you have no utility. Real gold, a physical asset which happens to be scarce, even has more utility at that point, giving it value.
So, our real competition is cash itself. Not gold. If we don't transact every day, replacing cash as our means of exchange, Bitcoin loses its utility and value closely follows.
Yeah, I said it.
Use it or lose it.
EDIT: Added a link.
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Crypton exchange: A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The emergence of Cryptocurrecy has brought a drastic change into our world and has given redefinition to the way things are done all around the world.
The financial world and the entire global economy have felt the undeniable impact of the digital currency.
The truth is that, cryptocurrency has given lots of relief to people in the area of worldwide and border less transactions. Sending and receiving funds from any part of the world to another has been made easy without passing through the financial institutions which makes the transaction easier, faster and efficient.
The digital currency has not only given transaction ease to the users but also fortune. Many people’s life have been changed positively by the virtue of crytocurrency trading and transactions as they engage it as a means of investment and trade when the value goes up.
Meanwhile, a major challenge facing the cryptocurrency-world is the problem of crypto-exchange. Man people have had their fingers burnt by making transactions on some unwholesome crypto-exchange platforms.
Problems of some Crypto-exchange Platforms. High transaction fee /commission A common problem with many existing cryptocurrency exchange platform is high rate of commission charged. It might so frustrating for crypto traders both old and new when one discovers that the fees charged by exchange platforms are too exuberant. Sometimes it leaves you with no option than to leave your coins in your wallet instead of trading it with huge exchange commission.
Security Security is a major issue bedeviling cryptocurrency exchange platforms all around the world. This does not exclude even the exchanges that have made names for themselves in the crypto-world. We have cases of hacking into the exchange websites and carting away with huge fortune from innocent traders. There are cases of compromise in exchange wallets which has led to great losses.
Deposits/Withdrawal Issues On some crypto-exchage platforms, you paid certain percentage of the coin you are about to deposit for exchange, and not only that, but also you pay trading fee and when you are done with transaction and want to withdraw, you still pay some stipulated fees. This kind of experience makes crypto-exchanges look like scam to many people.
Customer Support Service Part of the problems of many crypto exchange platforms is lack of responsive support team or customer care unit to put users through and offer assistant when needed. It takes days for the customer care service of some exchange platform to response to your queries.
FIAT Conversion Problem Many of platforms that deal on cryptocurrency exchange only deal on crypto to crypto exchange. That is, changing a cryptocurrency coin like Ethereum (ETH) into Bitcoin (BTC) but leave the user with task of getting their crypto coins converted into FIAT the conventional currency or converting FIAT into cryptocurrency
The good news! The good news is that, there is an exchange platform known as Crypton exchange which has come to profer solution to the problem posed by many existing crypto currency exchange platforms in a unique and definite way.
Crypton’s primary task is to create the safest and most convenient cryptocurrency exchange for customers, with distinctive features. Our main focus will be low fees and real-time support for users as well as a simple and clear UI/UX experience. Whether you’re depositing, withdrawing or simply exchanging crypto for FIAT, the design will be intuitive and built with the user in mind Crypton gives its vision of another standard for digital money trade filling the hole among crypto and fiat cash while concentrating on a client’s assets, as a matter of first importance.
Features of Crypton Exchange • Low transaction fee
The commission charged by crypton exchange is very low compared to other existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The trade gives low comission on making tasks 0.1% while if you are paying with crypto and 0.05% if paying in the exchange native token (CRP).
In that sense, exchanging tasks, buy and selling are ending up progressively gainful and increasingly available to everybody. The accompanying way, the organization will make up for it and get paid by virtue of turnover, yet not on the ground of high comissions charged.
For More Information
White paper:
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Most Common Beer Money Sites: DO NOT Create Threads Promoting These

SwagBucks [International*]

This is one of the oldest, most well known GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites. They have plenty to offer, so you shouldn't get too bored. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and you can earn up to 300 points ($3) for meeting your goal each day. They have one of the largest selections of rewards available, so you should easily find something you like. — Payment Proof. / Is it available in my country?
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Get a 300SB ($3) bonus if you sign up through this link and earn 300SB in your first 30 days. Points are awarded the next day after reaching 300SB.
↪ Use signup code REDDIT for a free 70SB bonus for new users. Click “I have a sign up code (optional)” which is underneath the “Confirm Password” Box.
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Mobile and Desktop Videos, Surveys, Polls, Offer Walls, Tasks, Special offers, Coupons, Games, Search bar, Limited Time Codes, Download offers, Cash Back from Shopping, Swago (like Bingo) and more.
↪ Payout: [Minimum: $3] Amazon, PayPal, Prepaid VISA, Wal-Mart, PSN, Xbox, Sweepstakes, Charity and many more.
‌• Earn up to 300 SB ($3) for meeting your goals for 7, 14, 21 and 30 days in a row.
• Once a month you can redeem a $25 gift card for 12% off.
• Make up to 10 Swagbucks easily each day by playing games in the Play category.
• Click And Earn List to Earn 38 Points Daily Here
• Check out /swagbucks and the discord after signing up for up to date info about the best paying offers.

GAIN [US, GB, IE, SE, DE, CA, NL, NO, AU, BE, ES, FR, DK, IT, RU, SG and MY]

Gain is a high paying GPT site that allows you to complete offers, watch videos, complete surveys and more to earn coins. Gain operates in many countries. New users can start out with 100 coins by using this link. — Payment Proof.
↪ Withdrawal options include BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, CSGOSHOP, Coinbase. Gift cards (through Tango/Rewardlink) also available in certain countries only.
Free daily bonus coins from 10-100 depending on your user level, claim them every 24h on the Gain offerwall
↪ Age minimum: 13+
↪ No screwy point to dollar conversion ratios. 1,000 coins = $1.
↪ Active, friendly and easily accessible support
↪ Earn extra coins for being one of the top 3 earners each day and each month
↪ Bet your Daily Bonus or your earnings (play responsibly) on roulette by clicking Win
• Referral Incentive: New users get 100 coins ($0.10). Referring users get 5% of the referred users earnings.
• Click on the PayPal Guide link after signing up to learn how to easily convert your earnings from Crypto>PayPal with CoinBase.
5% Earning Bonus: Sign up to the site with your Steam account and add to the end of your steam username to earn a 5% bonus on your earnings.
Offers over 4000 coins are automatically held, message Support Chat (click Support on the top right of the chat box) to have the coins released for you. [International*]

GG2U is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. The website is a bit outdated looking, and it can feel clunky at times, but don't let that fool you. It has some of the highest paying rates, and has a few unique offer walls and plenty of survey routers that you rarely see on other sites. The customer support is great as well. The owner responds pretty quickly and is always willing to help out. This site is focused on gamers and has some gaming tasks, but there are plenty of things to do for non-gamers as well. — Payment Proof.
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Surveys, Offer Walls, Tasks, Videos, Gaming Tasks, and Promotional Link Shortener.
↪ Get paid for listening to the radio (US, CA, UK)
↪ Payout: [Minimum: $7] PayPal, BTC to Coinbase, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Google Play, iTunes, Nintendo eShop, Playstation GC, Steam, Target, Walmart, Xbox GC
↪ Referral Incentive: The referring user earns 5% for life.
• For every 5 cash out requests, you get a Golden Token which will give you $1-7. This results in an average 7.8% higher payments if cashing out at the minimum each time.
• If you contact support, you can request to have your payouts issued at the minimum cashout amount rather than for your full balance. This will let you make the most out of the Golden Tickets.

PrizeRebel [International*]

PrizeRebel is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. They have many offer walls and survey providers available. You can earn bonus points for meeting your daily goals, and they have bi-monthly contests that reward the top earners. They also have a Level program that allows you to earn a bigger percentage from your referrals, prize discounts, special bonuses, and automatic prize processing. Level up by earning more points. — Payment Proof.
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Age minimum: 16
↪ Offers: Surveys, Offer Walls, Tasks, Videos, Coupons, and Earning Contests.
↪ Payout: [Minimum: $2] Amazon, PayPal, VISA, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Raffles and many more.
↪ Referral Incentive: 15-30% of what your referrals earn for life.
• Meet your daily goal each day to earn bonus points.

Fetch Rewards Invite Code: V3DVK [US, Puerto Rico]

Fetch is an app available for both Android and iOS where users earn money for scanning receipts and for purchasing specific products or brands. You get points for every receipt from a grocery retailer, supermarket, club wholesaler, home improvement/hardware store, pet store or convenience stores, regardless of what you buy. You can get additional points for purchasing specific products or specific brands. Receipts cannot be more than 2 weeks old. It can also be set it up to passively collect e-receipts. — Payment Proof.
↪ Age minimum: Age of majority in your jurisdiction (Usually this is 18).
↪ Offers: Cash back for scanning receipts and buying specific products or brands.
↪ Payout: [Minimum $3] Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Xbox, Applebee's and many more.
↪ Referral Incentive: Both the referrer and the referred user get $2-5 when they scan their first receipt. The exact amount varies depending on the current promotion. This is close to or above the minimum cash out amount.
• Make sure to check for rebates on any items you regularly stock up on.
• You don’t need to add rebates before purchasing items.

Ibotta [US, Puerto Rico]

Ibotta is an app available for both Android and iOS that gives cash back for shopping at Ibotta's retail and then scanning your receipts to prove what purchases were made. They currently support around 160 stores. Most offers are for newer brands, but they often have well-known names such as Glade or Kraft. They also regularly have cash back deals for "any item" or "any brand". You can also get cash back for shopping on sites such as Amazon and various services such as meal delivery. — Payment Proof.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: Cash back.
↪ Payout: [Minimum $20] Paypal, Venmo, Amazon, BestBuy, Starbucks and many more.
↪ Referral: Referred users get a $20 Welcome Bonus after redeeming their first brand name receipt. Referring users get $5 for each referred user who receives their welcome bonus. They also often run bonuses for referring a certain number of users during the month.
• Always check for the "Any Item" rebate before scanning a receipt.
• Check your account for bonuses. They often have bonuses for redeeming certain groups of rebates or for redeeming a certain number of rebates within a time limit.
• You can link your Facebook account in order to participate in teamwork bonuses with friends.

GamerMine [International*]

GamerMine is a GPT site founded in January of 2017 that values the experience of their users. With over $115,000 USD paid out to their users over 25,000 withdrawals, they've earned the trust of many members of the beermoney community.
↪ YourSurveys Direct Integration - Complete the highest paying surveys on the market, directly sourced from YourSurveys and tailored to your profiling info.
↪ Steam Reward - Get paid by wearing our brand/gaming with it on Steam.
↪ Daily Bonus - Claim a bonus everyday that scales with your level. More earnings, higher daily free. Top members are earning up to $1.00 USD per day!
↪ Age minimum: 13
↪ Inventory/Item System - Earn boosters that can be used whenever you want to increase your earnings on an offer.
‌• Leaderboard - Daily/monthly that auto-rewards the highest earners in the period.

Amazon Mechanical Turk [International*]

Mturk is a platform that allows clients to post a large number of jobs. It is a bit more professional than the typical /beermoney site. You work for "requesters" and they can approve or reject your submitted tasks, also known as HITs. You can earn a lot more money on this site than other typical /beermoney sites, but you need to pay attention to which jobs you accept. Not all HITs pay well. They do require some sensitive information from you for tax purposes. Not everyone gets approved to work here, and some people will be approved months or years after being rejected. — Payment Proof.
*This site is international, but most of the tasks are only available for the USA. International users can only redeem balance.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: A large number of tasks including Surveys, Transcription, Translation, Website Testing, Data Entry and much more.
↪ Payout: [Minimum $0.01] Balance and Amazon Payments Balance. Amazon Payments Balance can be transferred to a bank account.
Note: All Amazon Balance is for the USA website regardless of your country.
↪ Referral Incentive: None
• Only do HITs that pay at least 10¢/minute. This gives you a rate of $6/hour. Mturk crowd forum and /hitsworthturkingfor are good places to check for higher paying HITs.
• It is better to return a HIT than to submit to if you are unsure whether the requester will approve it. Returning a HIT will not negatively affect you, but a rejection will.
Scripts are allowed and encouraged. Checked /mturk for more tips and suggestions.

UserTesting [International*]

UserTesting is a usability testing site. You get paid to record your screen and speak aloud while performing a number of specified tasks. These tasks are generally related to testing a website or an app, but some tests may have you complete a survey, play a game, test new software, etc. At the start you may receive $3 sample tests, but after a while you will see $10 unmoderated tests. Moderated tests start at $30 per test, and usually require you to have a webcam. Payment arrives via PayPal exactly 7 days after your test is completed. — Payment Proof.
*The site is International, but most earning opportunities are for US, UK, CA and AU.
↪ Age minimum: 18
↪ Offers: Usability testing
↪ Payout: [Minimum: None] PayPal
↪ Referral Incentive: None.
• Completing the unpaid surveys at the top may qualify you for additional tests.
• Make sure to follow instructions carefully, keep talking, and be professional. Keeping a high quality rating is essential if you want to receive plenty of tests.

GetUpside [USA - Select states*]

GetUpside is an app available on both Android and iOS that gives you cash back on gas, groceries and restaurants. You can get up to $0.25 per gallon of gas (or up to $0.50 per gallon twice per day), 15% on groceries, and 35% at restaurants. Some gas stations offer cash back on convenience store purchases, car washes, inspections, oil changes, etc. GetUpside also gives you a map of all the participating gas stations in your area, and you can get additional points for confirming or fixing the prices.
↪ Age Minimum: 13
↪ Offers: Cashback on gas, groceries and restaurants.
↪ Payout: PayPal ($1 fee if under $15), Check ($1 fee if under $50), Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and many more. [GC Minimum: $10]
↪ Referral Incentive: The referred user gets $0.15-$0.20 off per gallon of gas on their first purchase. The referring user gets $0.01-$0.02 per gallon from direct referrals, and $0.005-$0.01 per gallon for indirect referrals for life. Amount varies per person. As of 05/18/20 (not sure how long it will last) new users who sign up with the link above get a $7-$14(varies per person) bonus if they buy at least $10 worth of gas.
‌• You must make your purchase with a debit or credit card. Cash, prepaid cards, gift cards, and EBT are not eligible forms of payment.
• You only have 4 hours to make your gas or restaurant purchase after claiming the offer. Grocery offers have 24 hours. All receipts must be scanned within 24 hours from when you claim the offer.

Cash Back From Shopping Online

These sites give cash back on your online purchases. Online purchases require you to click their affiliate link prior to shopping. Ebates US has in-store offers as well. In-store purchases require you to link a debit/credit card and to active the offer prior to shopping. Most of these sites are International, but your shopping opportunities may be limited, and you will only get paid in the associated currency. — Ebates Payment Proof.
• Make sure to click on the "Shop Now" or “Get Cashback” button before adding items to your cart. Otherwise, your shopping trip may not count.
• You can only use one shopping portal per shopping trip. Attempting to use more than one may cause problems crediting your account.
• Disable any ad blockers while shopping.
• For US Users: Sometimes you can earn more cash back on Ebates or TopCashBack than the other for a particular store. Check both sites if you want to get the most cash back for each purchase.
For TopCashBack UK Users: New users are automatically enrolled into the Plus membership. Downgrade to the Classic membership to avoid being charged £5/year.
Rakuten (Ebates) US TopCashBack US Rakuten (Ebates) Canada Ebates KR Rebates JP TopCashBack UK TopCashBack IN TopCashBack 中文
Age 18 18? 18 18 18 18 ? ?
Payout Minimum $5.01 $0.01 $5.01 CAD KRW 5,001 ? £0.01 ₹0.01 $0.01
Payout Types Check, PayPal VISA, PayPal, ACH, Gift Cards Check, PayPal Bank, PayPal, Naver Pay ? Master Card, PayPal, BACS, Gift Cards, British Airways Amazon Pay, NEFT, Paytm PayPal, Amazon, UnionPay
New User Bonus $10 $10 $5 CAD KRW 5,000 ? ? ₹100 ?
Referral Incentive $25 $10 $10 CAD KRW 5,000 ? £5.00 ₹200 $10
Some information is missing due to translation difficulties and signup problems. Please let us know if you know any of this missing information.

Sites to Avoid: Definitely DO NOT post these.

Earnsanity — Shady owner, sketchy site. Held giveaway and then refunded the prizes after it was over. History of scamming many others. AVOID AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCAMMED.
Paidverts — Shady owner, sketchy site. Keeps doing debt swaps (cash to BAP). Do not post.
Neobux — It isn’t really a scam, but they operate as a pyramid scheme. There’s money to be made online, but it’s definitely not there.
MarketGlory — It does pay out, but the pay is absolutely ridiculous. The only way to make a decent amount of money is to have a lot of referrals, and referral whoring on this subreddit WILL result in a permanent ban.
MindSumo — Not actually a /beermoney site. It’s only spam in this sub.
G2A — Scam/sells stolen keys.
Robinhood — This is spammed on our sub constantly.
Quickthoughts — Many reports of people being banned when trying to withdraw as of 10/2018. Do your due diligence before possibly wasting your time on this app.
Sites with $100+ minimum — These sites usually offer higher than normal payments for simple tasks, with a high minimum to cash out. They are always scams.
Generic news sites that pay you ridiculous amounts to read an article (two euros??) — Common sense should take care of this, but in case it doesn’t, it’s always a scam. The site is usually hosted somewhere in Eastern Europe, and you will never get paid.
Free bitcoin sites/"faucets" (THIS INCLUDES QOINPRO) — This is not referring to those video-viewing/task sites (although they’re still paying fragments of a penny). I’m talking about sites that give you 0.000001BTC to fill a captcha (, dailybitcoins). Admittedly many beermoney sites pay low, but don’t even bother with these.
Also: Bitcoin mining is NO LONGER PROFITABLE. If you're really so keen on getting bitcoins, doing so through an exchange is your best option.
Here are a few more scam sites and sketchy sites.
Please note that presence on this post does not imply that /beermoney or its moderators endorse the site or their views, actions, or policies. This list simply contains sites that are used by a large number of our users or are frequently mentioned on our subreddit.
We frequently monitor data from all the sites on this list from various sources to ensure that users are able and interested in utilizing them and if they do, that they also are getting paid promptly and fairly for all work they do. We make adjustments to this list and the order of sites accordingly based on all the data we receive.
Please make sure you follow the Rules of our subreddit and if you ever have any questions about anything beermoney related, please take a look at our extensive FAQ which should answer almost any question you might have.
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Pandas Dataframe Help

Hi Guys i would really love your help on this problem i am facing .
I have a Nested json file like this :
{"fraudulent": true, "customer": {"customerEmail": "[email protected]", "customerPhone": "1-788-091-7546", "customerDevice": "r0jpm7xaeqqa3kr6mzum", "customerIPAddress": "", "customerBillingAddress": "356 Elizabeth Inlet Suite 120\nPort Joshuabury, NM 37681"}, "orders": [{"orderId": "nlghpa", "orderAmount": 45, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "898 Henry Ports\nNew Keithview, CA 95893-2497"}, {"orderId": "uw0eeb", "orderAmount": 23, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "356 Elizabeth Inlet Suite 120\nPort Joshuabury, NM 37681"}, {"orderId": "bn44oh", "orderAmount": 43, "orderState": "fulfilled", "orderShippingAddress": "5093 Bryan Forks\nJoshuaton, FM 01565-9801"}], "paymentMethods": [{"paymentMethodId": "y3xp697jx", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": true, "paymentMethodType": "bitcoin", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Solace Banks"}, {"paymentMethodId": "6krszxc05", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "VISA 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Vertex Bancorp"}, {"paymentMethodId": "5z1szj2he", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Diners Club / Carte Blanche", "paymentMethodIssuer": "His Majesty Bank Corp."}, {"paymentMethodId": "m52tx8e1s", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Mastercard", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Vertex Bancorp"}, {"paymentMethodId": "41ug157xz", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "bitcoin", "paymentMethodProvider": "American Express", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Bastion Banks"}, {"paymentMethodId": "4dpg5sx2b", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "Maestro", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Her Majesty Trust"}, {"paymentMethodId": "bcx9pa3wf", "paymentMethodRegistrationFailure": false, "paymentMethodType": "card", "paymentMethodProvider": "JCB 16 digit", "paymentMethodIssuer": "Fountain Financial Inc."}], "transactions": [{"transactionId": "5mi94sfw", "orderId": "nlghpa", "paymentMethodId": "41ug157xz", "transactionAmount": 45, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "br8ba1nu", "orderId": "uw0eeb", "paymentMethodId": "41ug157xz", "transactionAmount": 23, "transactionFailed": false}, {"transactionId": "a33145ss", "orderId": "bn44oh", "paymentMethodId": "y3xp697jx", "transactionAmount": 43, "transactionFailed": true}]}
I am using Pandas to make the json profiles to a dataframe , but the 'customer' , 'orders', 'paymentMethods' and 'transactions' always are shown in nested layout .
I would really like your opinion on this , on what approach i should apply . Please give a some code suggestions if you have any ?
I am using python and pandas for this problem.
I want the data frame to look like this
Fraudulent. Customers. Orders. Payment methods.
Value. Value. Value. Value.
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آلهة has been created

By Arthur G. Staples ON "THE INFLUENZY" DOC'S been here agen terday! Seem's ez ef he come ter say "How yer gettin' on terday?" lookin' at me where I lay. I ain't talkin' over much; ain't no need ter air my lore. Eyes a burning' where they be; ears a bustin' with a roar; mouth thet's like a shingle-mill; dry's the handle of a pump; back that's broke square in two bout four inches 'bove the rump! So I ain't so long on talk. Got no answer fer the doc! Doc don't seem ter mind me none; sets around a little bit; pulls a little dictaphone; lays it on my kroop- er-bone; makes me breathe and holler "A-a-ah"; breathe an' intake; breathe an' groan through the little dictaphone. Sez he after quite a spell. "Them Bolsheveeks is raisin' hell! D'ye think ol' Wilson's doin' well?" Take my tempertoor agen; thumps me on the abdo- men. "Think it's goin' ter snow agen?" But I don't want no casual chat. I don't call no doc, fer that. Got no call for Bolsheveeks, fer at least a couple er weeks! Don't keer ef it snows an' snows ef I could only blow my nose! I want facks! Right off'n the bat! I don't want no social chat! Ef I'm wusn't what I wus, what's the reason; what's the cause? What's the status of he case; tell te facks right to my face; lemme know the wust and best; is my innards all congessed; are there bones loose in my pate; is my backbone dislocate; ef I ain't got no tempertoor an' no disease fer sure, what in time's ther howdydoo ef 'taint the pip and 'tain't the flu? Doc he sets around a bit. "Man!" says he, "you're lookin' fit! Have you fightin' Dempsey yit." Then I looks Doc in the eye: "Tie the bull outside," says I. "Doc, I bleeve I'm goin' ter die. I'm dead now above my chin! Eyes and nose and ears and all! Ain't breathed reglar fer a week! Jints all movin' with a squeak. Every time I move my jaw, feel's ez though I'd broke the law. Doc," says I, "it's up ter you! Ef t'aint the pip and 'tain't the flu how yer goin' ter pull me through?" Doc he sets an' thinks erwhile; then he answers with a smile, "Ain't you the chap wrote a talk, couldn't eat and couldn't walk, waited fer the birds to sing, an' the comin' of the spring; wanted to loaf by a larfin stream, set an' fish an' fish an' dream, nuthin' but bees an' bugs an' things, thet live right where the wild stream sings. Maybe that ain't jest carreck, but sumthin' at least to that effeck." An' the doc he opens a bag he lugs. "What you need," sez he, "is a dose of bugs." An' sure enough I'm gettin' well; ain't felt so peart for quite a spell. Wuz over a billion bugs, they say, in the shot doc gimme the other day. Reely feel I'm comin' to; 'tain't the pip an' 'tain't the flu; but jest er case when all I need is sumthin' off'n the flowery mead, an' when you can't inject the Spring nor a dose of blue- bird on the wing, nor brooks that run, ner vi'lets blue ter cure the pip er cure the flu, why! the next best thing the doctor lugs is a shot of erbout a billion bugs. An' as they sort o' crawl eround, I can somehow feel I'm on the ground, with all the rest that my fancy hugs, the birds an' bees an' the billion bugs. 
from Jack in the Pulpit, by Arthur G. Staples Copyright, 1921, A. G. Staples Lewiston Journal Company, Lewiston, Maine; pp. 3 - 4
Make America make sense again, lest I cease to exist. Even in the absence of functional institutions of journalism and government, a responsive Executive Branch could bring the 9/11 terror system to heel. Please consider writing in a vote for MARLEY ENGVALL, for President of the United States of America. [anything helps. no amount too small. eternal thanks.]
սա ձեր տարածք. բարի եղեք միմյանց հանդեպ. [♘] [♰] [☮]
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Basics for how to do carding

Basics for how to do carding
Points we will go through:
- What is carding? - What are the factors relates to carding? - How it’s done - the process itself. - Precautionary measures Carder should take.
Nowadays, if we see the credit card fraud trend, it is being increased day by day and new techniques being discovered to hack the credit card info and use it for malicious purpose so it's a good growing business.
As everything goes cashless, the use of a credit card will be necessary for everyone.
There are so many ways to get the credit card details available on the internet through Darknet sites as well as on TOR sites (Data Leak .etc.).
As we can see on social media sites and groups, most of the carders provide the offers which are collected from Online Sites, offline stores etc. and groups for your reference:
Be aware that you should never contact a ripper. A Ripper is a fraud who takes the money and never deliver the product.
Bad ways are: Facebook and WhatsApp groups
Let’s start with the basics.

Introduction to Carding and Key Points:

There are multiple definitions available per different views.
Carding itself is defined as the illegal use of the card (Credit/Debit) by unauthorized people (carder) to buy a product.
1.1 Key points in carding method.
2. Let start to understand each point one by one.
2.1 Computer (PC):
For doing carding always use a computer. I know some methods using a mobile device, but it is less secure and involves more risk.
2.2 SOCKS:
SOCKS stands for SOCKet Secure. It is internet protocol which allows client and server traffic pass through a proxy server, so real IP is getting hidden and proxy IP get reflected.
This is useful while carding because carder wants to use the credit card holder’s location while doing it.
Users can buy SOCKS.
2.3 Mac Address Changer and crypting:
MAC stands for Media Access Control. It is the unique address of every Network Interface Card (NIC).
A MAC address changer allows you to change the MAC address of NIC instantly. It is required to be anonymous and safe.
Sure the best way is to have your computer encrypted - find some software to encrypt the PC. E.x. Best Crypt. Do not forget to fully turn off the PC while moving somewhere.
2.4 CCleaner:
It is very useful tool help in cleaning your browsing history, cookies, temp files, etc.
Many people ignore this part and get caught, so be careful and don’t forget to use it.
2.5 RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol):
RDP allows one computer to connect to another computer within the network. It is protocol developed by Microsoft.
Basically, carders use it to connect to computers of the geolocation of the person whose credit card carder want to use. It is used for safety and stay anon. Here carders using others’ PC for doing carding instead of their own.
2.6 DROP:
DROP is an address which the carder uses for the shipping address in the carding process.
Let me explain in details with an example:
If I am carding with US credit card, then I use USA address as shipping address then my order will be shipped successfully, and I will be safe. If you have relatives/friends, then no problem, otherwise use sites who provide drop services only we have to pay extra for shipping it.
2.7 credit card (Credit Card):
This part is very much important so read it carefully. Any credit card it is in the following format:
| credit card Number | Exp Date | CVV2 code | Name on the Card | Address | City | State | Country | Zip code | Phone number (sometimes not included depending on where you get your credit card from)|
e.g.: (randomly taken numbedetails)
| 4305873969346315 | 05 | 2018 | 591 | UNITED STATES | John Mechanic | 201
Stone Wayne Lane | Easternton | MA | 01949 |

Types of Credit Card:

Every Credit card company starts their credit card number with a unique number to identify individually like shown below
American Express (AMEX Card) – 3
Visa Card – 4
Master Card – 5
Discover (Disco) – 6
Company wise credit card details:


Classic: The Card is used worldwide in any locations designated by Visa, including ATMs, real and virtual Stores, and shops offering goods and services by mail and telephone.
Gold – This card has a higher limit capacity. Most used card and adopted worldwide.
Platinum – Card is having limits over $10,000.
Signature – No preset spending limit – great bin to get
Infinite – Most prestigious card with having virtually no limit. There is less in circulation so be alert when buying these. Use only with reputable sellers!
Business – it can be used for small to medium sized businesses, usually has a limit.
Corporate – it can be used with medium to large size businesses, having more limit than a Business card.
Black – It has limited membership. It has no limit only having $500 annual fee, high-end card.


Standard – it is same as classic visa card.
Gold – it is same as visa gold card.
Platinum – it is same as visa platinum card
World – it has a very high limit.
World Elite – it is virtually no limit, high-end card.

Amex Card

Gold – it usually has around a 10k limit.
Platinum- is usually has a higher limit (around 35k).
Centurion – it has a High limit (75k+). It is also known as the black card, note: do not confuse with visa black card.
Now we can start with some of the questionnaire and Basic concepts before start practical process of Carding.
Q1. What is BIN?
It is known as Bank Identification Number (BIN). It is a 6-digit number e.g.: 431408.
Some of the reference sites which give BIN info which I also refer:
Simply go to the site ( enter BIN number and click on find to get the details. I have added first 4 digits only.
You can filter out the option as per requirement shown below
We got most of the information from the site. Now the question is how to know the balance of CC. is it possible? and answer is Yes, I will let you know step by step using normal as well as Skype method J
Q2. What is the meaning of VBV, NON VBV and MSC?
VBV (Verified by Visa) – Extra level protection is added by Visa to protect the Card from fraud.
Like DOB, password, Social Security Number and Mother’s name, etc. also sending OTP (one-time password) as extra security level to card owner mobile number to validate the transaction.
NON VBV (Verified by Visa) –Handy to use. No need extra information as specified in VBV card while doing the transaction.
Note it down (IMP)- Carders mainly buy and use NON VBV cards for carding.
MSC (MasterCard Secure Code) – security level same as VBV card.
Q3. What is AVS?
It stands for Address Verification System
It is the system which is used to identify the credit card holder original address with billing address provided by the user while shopping or online transaction.
The system is used to identify the online fraud over the internet.
Q4. How to check credit card is live or dead?
There are many sites available on the internet to verify credit card is live or dead, but they charge for it approx. $0.001 (price may vary). Also, 80% websites kill the credit card so never use it.
There are tools also available on the internet to check the credit card status, but most of them are a backdoor or Trojan so prefer not to use it.
As such there is no easy method to check it. Carder uses own ways to find it out. One of the ways is…
Most carder go to Porn sites, buy a membership and confirm the credit card is live and proceed with carding.
Q5. How to check the credit card is live or dead? (Skype Method)
(Note: method is posted on March 16)
Login into Skype account and call on Magic number +18005xx5633 (masked). You will connect to voice mail (lady’s voice). Start by entering the credit card number, and voice mail lady will stop automatically.
After that enter Expiry date of a card like 01 16 (mm: yy format).
If your credit card is live then voice mail lady will speak like “Thank you for calling, we really appreciate your business, since u are a 1st-time caller we would like to connect you .. blah blah” then just hang the call.
But if the credit card is used and voice mail lady speak like “Ohh I’m sorry please re-enter your credit card number now” then the card is dead. You can repeat the same process as many time you want.
Note: You need a good internet connection for Skype calls.
Q6. What is Bill=ship/Bill=CC/Ship=your Address?
Kindly pay attention here as it is also the main portion in carding process. Any mistake will cancel the order and id get blocked.
BILL=SHIP (Billing address: Shipping address)
Take a scenario of normal online shopping scenario, when you are doing carding you will use billing address and shipping address are same. Means in both u will use your address. No need to use credit card address.
Bill=Shipping address, Ship=your address
When you are doing carding, you will use credit card holder address as your billing address, and shipping address will be your address. Most sites use this method. Now we cleared basic concepts and start with the actual process of carding. Setup SOCKS proxy in Firefox:
Follow the steps: open Firefox, go to options, advanced options, network
A pop-up will come. It will show options
No proxy 2. Auto Detect 3. Use system proxy 4. Manual proxy configuration
Select manual proxy configuration. Enter socks host: <> and port: <> e.g.: 8080. Press ok and restart Firefox. Now you are connected to secure Socks5 J
Ethical Hacking Training – Resources (InfoSec)
Note: when you buy a socks always match with credit card holder address. If credit card holder is from California, USA then try to get SOCKS5 at least matching state, country J
Guys now time to start the Carding process. Kindly follow the steps:
Create the email id matching with credit card holder name. If his name is John Cena ( the random name was taken), then email id should be [email protected] or near about.
Now Run RDP and connect to the credit card holder location system to proceed. If you didn’t have RDP, then follow following steps.
Open MAC changer and change the address randomly.
Run CCleaner and clean all the unwanted data (cookies/history/temp data etc.).
Setup SOCKS5 proxy in Firefox. <>.
Be sure to use SOCK5 is matching to the location of credit card holder and be aware not to use blacklisted IP. Check with
Open the site for shopping. I want to recommend a website shop from your country because you don`t need to wait a lot for your package.
Register with credit card holder information (John Cena), name, country, city, address, and email.
Shop and choose your item and add to cart. Precaution: Select item not more than $500 at first step.
In shipping address add your address or drop address where the product is going to deliver.
Then go to the payment page and choose payment method like a credit card.
Enter all details of credit card manually because most of site having copy paste detector script.
Finally, in billing address add credit card owner address info and then proceed with the payment process.
If everything all right then the order will get successfully placed.
Once the order arrives at the shipping address, receive it from delivery boy. (Few carder arrange fake id if delivery boy ask for proof).
Carding method using mobile:
Extra pro carder uses mobile for doing carding. If you followed steps carefully, you would also do that.
Basic requirement:
Require rooted Android mobile.
Install few application require for carding (proxy apps, CCleaner, IMEI changer, Photo and Android ID changer).
You can use any VPN for carding I recommend HMA or Zen mate.
You can use SOCKS5 proxy with proxy droid apps.
Also, proceed with IMEI and Android ID changer and do it.
Now connect with proxy droid with SOCKS5 proxy and connect it.
Now follow all the steps explained above.
CC and dumps shop to buy
Download CCleaner
Download MAC address
Download SOCKS
Acronyms: BIN: Bank Identification Number CC: Credit Card CCN: Credit Card Number CVV/CVV2: Credit Verification Value (Card Security Code) SSN: Social Security Number MMN: Mother Maiden Name DOB: Date Of Birth COB: Change of Billing VBV: Verified by Visa MCSC: MasterCard Secure Code POS: Point of Sale VPN: Virtual Private Network BTC: Bitcoin
Personal Advice:
Be safe and have fun, get money.

*Telegram @AntiGreedy
*ICQ 743526859
*Jabber [antigreedy_[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
* antigreedy.bazar
*TOR - antig4vt6kvg7am6.onion
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Crypton exchange: A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The emergence of Cryptocurrecy has brought a drastic change into our world and has given redefinition to the way things are done all around the world.
The financial world and the entire global economy have felt the undeniable impact of the digital currency.
The truth is that, cryptocurrency has given lots of relief to people in the area of worldwide and border less transactions. Sending and receiving funds from any part of the world to another has been made easy without passing through the financial institutions which makes the transaction easier, faster and efficient.
The digital currency has not only given transaction ease to the users but also fortune. Many people’s life have been changed positively by the virtue of crytocurrency trading and transactions as they engage it as a means of investment and trade when the value goes up.
Meanwhile, a major challenge facing the cryptocurrency-world is the problem of crypto-exchange. Man people have had their fingers burnt by making transactions on some unwholesome crypto-exchange platforms.
Problems of some Crypto-exchange Platforms. High transaction fee /commission A common problem with many existing cryptocurrency exchange platform is high rate of commission charged. It might so frustrating for crypto traders both old and new when one discovers that the fees charged by exchange platforms are too exuberant. Sometimes it leaves you with no option than to leave your coins in your wallet instead of trading it with huge exchange commission.
Security Security is a major issue bedeviling cryptocurrency exchange platforms all around the world. This does not exclude even the exchanges that have made names for themselves in the crypto-world. We have cases of hacking into the exchange websites and carting away with huge fortune from innocent traders. There are cases of compromise in exchange wallets which has led to great losses.
Deposits/Withdrawal Issues On some crypto-exchage platforms, you paid certain percentage of the coin you are about to deposit for exchange, and not only that, but also you pay trading fee and when you are done with transaction and want to withdraw, you still pay some stipulated fees. This kind of experience makes crypto-exchanges look like scam to many people.
Customer Support Service Part of the problems of many crypto exchange platforms is lack of responsive support team or customer care unit to put users through and offer assistant when needed. It takes days for the customer care service of some exchange platform to response to your queries.
FIAT Conversion Problem Many of platforms that deal on cryptocurrency exchange only deal on crypto to crypto exchange. That is, changing a cryptocurrency coin like Ethereum (ETH) into Bitcoin (BTC) but leave the user with task of getting their crypto coins converted into FIAT the conventional currency or converting FIAT into cryptocurrency
The good news! The good news is that, there is an exchange platform known as Crypton exchange which has come to profer solution to the problem posed by many existing crypto currency exchange platforms in a unique and definite way.
Crypton’s primary task is to create the safest and most convenient cryptocurrency exchange for customers, with distinctive features. Our main focus will be low fees and real-time support for users as well as a simple and clear UI/UX experience. Whether you’re depositing, withdrawing or simply exchanging crypto for FIAT, the design will be intuitive and built with the user in mind Crypton gives its vision of another standard for digital money trade filling the hole among crypto and fiat cash while concentrating on a client’s assets, as a matter of first importance.
Features of Crypton Exchange • Low transaction fee
The commission charged by crypton exchange is very low compared to other existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The trade gives low comission on making tasks 0.1% while if you are paying with crypto and 0.05% if paying in the exchange native token (CRP).
In that sense, exchanging tasks, buy and selling are ending up progressively gainful and increasingly available to everybody. The accompanying way, the organization will make up for it and get paid by virtue of turnover, yet not on the ground of high comissions charged.
For More Information
White paper:
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I'm one of the developers of Honey, a browser extension with 700K users. We have an idea for a feature that lets people spend bitcoins seamlessly on Amazon. If you guys like it, we'll build it.

I am one of the cofounders of Honey, a browser extension that automatically searches and applies coupon codes for online shoppers at checkout. I'm also a fan of bitcoins and its disruptive potential.
One of the biggest weakness of bitcoins at the moment is the lack of merchant support - especially large online retailers like Amazon. Unfortunately, it's a hard sale to get merchants to introduce a new payment concept to people who are about to checkout -- this could cause people to abandon the cart to go off to read about what this "bitcoin" thing is. Unless there's compelling evidence that the reward is greater than the risk, merchants like Amazon will not take that chance.
We have an idea for adding a feature in Honey that can help prove the value of bitcoin as a payment method to giants like Amazon. The user experience goes like this:
See the step by step mock-up
Honey is simply selling you an Amazon gift card for bitcoins, like Gyft. The difference is in the user experience. The same technology we're using to automatically apply coupon codes can be used to apply gift cards, and it makes the experience frictionless. It should feel exactly the same as paying for something with your CC.
Some additional benefits:
We are a tiny team of developers so we don't want to commit the time to building something like this unless we know people want it. We would love to hear your feedback and if there's enough demand for it, we will build it.
EDIT: formatting
EDIT2: Wow, we are floored by the feedback and the support. It looks like we're going to have to build it or we might risk losing our kneecap. We'll be putting the development plans in motion first thing tomorrow. We'll be posting updates on Twitter @savehoney periodically. If you are a developer and you want to get invovled, please contact me at george [at] our url.
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Fun Ways to Use Your Cryptocurrencies

Fun Ways to Use Your Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around for quite a while now, but it was really in 2017 when it got the attention of many. It was in this year when the value of Bitcoin reached over 20,000 US dollars, and this is why many people and businesses started to use it.
Apart from Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies soon became popular. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). However, it is Bitcoin (BTC) that is the most popular. It is even considered as the father of all cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies are digital funds that can be used for exchange or online trading. It is also used by many startups to get investors who could fund their businesses. Cryptos like BTC have great potential and people find them really convenient for use. Its owners or users can remain anonymous. No personal information is required to be shared to initiate payments using cryptocurrencies and this lessens the chances of fraudulent activities.
The transactions are also real-time. You no longer have to wait for your transactions to be processed by any third-party. You’ll just need the wallet address of the person you intend to transfer BTC to.
It’s also even easy to convert your money or cash into any of the cryptos, but you’ll most likely start with BTC. There are many online platforms which can assist you in getting BTCs.
BTC is not just used for trading; Bitcoin can also be used in many fun ways. Here are some interesting things you can do with your Bitcoin nowadays.

Buy Jewelry:

Buying jewelry is actually an interesting way for you to invest your money. This is something that a lot of people do as the value of jewelry can become quite expensive in the future. However, many people now see cryptocurrencies as something which is better than gold.
There’s truth in that because it’s more secure to own Bitcoins rather than pieces of jewelry that can be stolen. However, if you still want some pieces stashed somewhere, you can now purchase gold or jewelry with your Bitcoin.
You can get luxurious watches, rings, necklaces, and many more with crypto as many jewelry shops online now accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. All you really have to do is add the pieces you want to your cart and check out with BTC. What an easy and interesting way to shop for jewelry!

Play online casino games:

Nowadays, Bitcoin gambling is also becoming popular. A lot of gamblers prefer using Bitcoin because of its convenience. They could also remain anonymous as they gamble and that’s something that a lot of them prefer.
What’s also good is that transactions made with online casinos worldwide are now made easier through the use of Bitcoin or other cryptos. Banks are usually strict when it comes to transactions that involve gambling, and so you no longer have to deal with that. Many online casinos now accept Bitcoin for you to make a deposit.
Just make sure that you still read guides for US Bitcoin gamblers or other guides that you can find regarding Bitcoin transactions in online casinos to keep yourself away from any impending problems.


If you’ve always been dreaming of touring places all over the world, well you might as well do this with your Bitcoin. There are now travel agencies online that accept bookings and reservations paid through cryptos or Bitcoin.
You can also look for hotels or inns that accept Bitcoin too. It’s actually a good way for you to avoid lessening the value of what you have because of the exchange rates that fluctuate daily.
If you’re visiting a country or a place, you should also check out places that accept Bitcoin too like pubs or restaurants. Spending your Bitcoin for food and drinks is definitely something that you should try out.
These are just a few fun and interesting things that you can do with your Bitcoin. You can still expect that more and more companies and businesses will accept cryptos in the near future. Analysts still see that cryptos will be valued more than it already has, and so continue to be on the lookout.
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How to HACK any bitcoin addresscoinbase or blockchain ... 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Has Value  BTC  Cryoto Kaksha ... BitCoin Price in India - YouTube Story Of BitCoin - YouTube Bitcoin Miner 2020 no fee - YouTube

The XRP Ledger processes transactions roughly every 3-5 seconds, or whenever independent validator nodes come to a consensus on both the order and validity of XRP transactions — as opposed to proof-of-work mining like Bitcoin (BTC). Anyone can be a Ripple validator, and the list is currently made up of Ripple along with universities, financial institutions and others. Bitcoin price today is $13,073.32 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $23,603,626,066 USD. Bitcoin is up 0.48% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1, with a market cap of $242,210,721,011 USD. It has a circulating supply of 18,527,100 BTC coins and a max. supply of 21,000,000 BTC coins. You can find the top exchanges to trade Bitcoin listed on our Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that enables easy transfer and storage of money in its ’blockchain. It is an open source meaning anyone can make use of its’ platform, and it is also decentralized, meaning that, any central authority does not regulate it. It was created by anonymous cryptographer called Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. More. THE TEAM. Bitcoin was created by an ... If we are right about using a gold framework to value bitcoin, and bitcoin continues on this path, then the bull case scenario for bitcoin is that it is undervalued by a multiple of 45. Said differently, the price of bitcoin could appreciate 45x from where it is today, which means we could see a price of $500,000 U.S. dollars per bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin instantly with credit & debit cards. Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more, all on Xcoins. Buy crypto in 3 quick and easy steps. Buy Bitcoin; Crypto News; Affiliates ; Sign Up Sign In. Buy Bitcoin Online Trusted by over 250,000 satisfied customers globally. Buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies with a debit or credit card from a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. Simply ...

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How to HACK any bitcoin addresscoinbase or blockchain ...

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