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Vanitygen is a command-line vanity bitcoin address generator.

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Bitcoin est à la fois une devise monétaire et un système de paiement dans cette devise.


Welcome to the official PiggyCoin subreddit. PiggyCoin is the crypto for kids and newbies that's bringing back the piggybank for the digital age!

Monero GUI and CLI mnemonic backups appreciation time

Recently I was researching a little bit about how mnemonic backups work, and found this great explanation for Bitcoin's case, which also looks like a nightmare scenario, since long story short: Bitcoin Core doesn't support mnemonics and basically you are stuck with storing your wallet.dat binary, hoping for not losing it or it getting corrupted.
By contrast, both Monero Core wallets (GUI and CLI) support mnemonic backups and are compatible between each other (I just tested this to be sure, and was delighted to find this true, plus seeing how slicker the GUI looks now after quite some time without trying it out).
Yeah, you could use Electrum or some other wallet for mnemonic backups in Bitcoin, but it is just not the same level of security as using a Core wallet.
So I just wanted to take some time to highlight how much I appreciate this Monero feature.
What do you think? Am I hyping Monero's native mnemonic backups too much because I'm missing something? Or do you also think that this feature is underrated?
Edit: Just fixed the link format.
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[ANN][ANDROID MINING][AIRDROP] NewEnglandcoin: Scrypt RandomSpike

New England
New England 6 States Songs:
Symbol: NENG
NewEnglandcoin is a clone of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm with enhanced features to protect against 51% attack and decentralize on mining to allow diversified mining rigs across CPUs, GPUs, ASICs and Android phones.
Mining Algorithm: Scrypt with RandomSpike. RandomSpike is 3rd generation of Dynamic Difficulty (DynDiff) algorithm on top of scrypt.
1 minute block targets base difficulty reset: every 1440 blocks subsidy halves in 2.1m blocks (~ 2 to 4 years) 84,000,000,000 total maximum NENG 20000 NENG per block Pre-mine: 1% - reserved for dev fund ICO: None RPCPort: 6376 Port: 6377
NewEnglandcoin has dogecoin like supply at 84 billion maximum NENG. This huge supply insures that NENG is suitable for retail transactions and daily use. The inflation schedule of NengEnglandcoin is actually identical to that of Litecoin. Bitcoin and Litecoin are already proven to be great long term store of value. The Litecoin-like NENG inflation schedule will make NewEnglandcoin ideal for long term investment appreciation as the supply is limited and capped at a fixed number
Bitcoin Fork - Suitable for Home Hobbyists
NewEnglandcoin core wallet continues to maintain version tag of "Satoshi v0.8.7.5" because NewEnglandcoin is very much an exact clone of bitcoin plus some mining feature changes with DynDiff algorithm. NewEnglandcoin is very suitable as lite version of bitcoin for educational purpose on desktop mining, full node running and bitcoin programming using bitcoin-json APIs.
The NewEnglandcoin (NENG) mining algorithm original upgrade ideas were mainly designed for decentralization of mining rigs on scrypt, which is same algo as litecoin/dogecoin. The way it is going now is that NENG is very suitable for bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin hobbyists who can not , will not spend huge money to run noisy ASIC/GPU mining equipments, but still want to mine NENG at home with quiet simple CPU/GPU or with a cheap ASIC like FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB or Apollo pod on solo mining setup to obtain very decent profitable results. NENG allows bitcoin litecoin hobbyists to experience full node running, solo mining, CPU/GPU/ASIC for a fun experience at home at cheap cost without breaking bank on equipment or electricity.
MIT Free Course - 23 lectures about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Finance (Fall,2018)
CPU Minable Coin Because of dynamic difficulty algorithm on top of scrypt, NewEnglandcoin is CPU Minable. Users can easily set up full node for mining at Home PC or Mac using our dedicated cheetah software.
Research on the first forked 50 blocks on v1.2.0 core confirmed that ASIC/GPU miners mined 66% of 50 blocks, CPU miners mined the remaining 34%.
NENG v1.4.0 release enabled CPU mining inside android phones.
Youtube Video Tutorial
How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in Windows 10 Part 1 How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in Windows 10 Part 2
How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in macOS
Decentralization and Community Driven NewEnglandcoin is a decentralized coin just like bitcoin. There is no boss on NewEnglandcoin. Nobody nor the dev owns NENG.
We know a coin is worth nothing if there is no backing from community. Therefore, we as dev do not intend to make decision on this coin solely by ourselves. It is our expectation that NewEnglandcoin community will make majority of decisions on direction of this coin from now on. We as dev merely view our-self as coin creater and technical support of this coin while providing NENG a permanent home at ShorelineCrypto Exchange.
Twitter Airdrop
Follow NENG twitter and receive 100,000 NENG on Twitter Airdrop to up to 1000 winners
Graphic Redesign Bounty
Top one award: 90.9 million NENG Top 10 Winners: 500,000 NENG / person Event Timing: March 25, 2019 - Present Event Address: NewEnglandcoin DISCORD at:
Please complete above Twitter Bounty requirement first. Then follow Below Steps to qualify for the Bounty: (1) Required: submit your own designed NENG logo picture in gif, png jpg or any other common graphic file format into DISCORD "bounty-submission" board (2) Optional: submit a second graphic for logo or any other marketing purposes into "bounty-submission" board. (3) Complete below form.
Please limit your submission to no more than two total. Delete any wrongly submitted or undesired graphics in the board. Contact DISCORD u/honglu69#5911 or u/krypton#6139 if you have any issues.
Twitter Airdrop/Graphic Redesign bounty sign up:
NENG v1.4.0 Android Mining, randomSpike Evaluation
RandomSpike - NENG core v1.3.0 Hardfork Upgrade Proposal
NENG Security, Decentralization & Valuation
Whitepaper v1.0
Step by step guide on how to setup an explorer:
Android with UserLand App (arm64/armhf), Chromebook (x64/arm64/armhf):
Linux Wallet (Ubuntu/Linux Mint, Debian/MX Linux, Arch/Manjaro, Fedora, openSUSE):
MacOS Wallet (10.11 El Capitan or higher):
Android with GNUroot on 32 bits old Phones (alpha release) wallet:
Windows wallet:
addnode ip address for the wallet to sync faster, frequently updated conf file:
How to Sync Full Node Desktop Wallet
Cheetah CPU Miner Software
Solo Mining with GPU or ASIC
How to Run Two Full Node in Same Desktop PC
ASIC/GPU Mining Pools Warning to Big ASIC Miners Due to DynDiff Algo on top of Scrypt, solo mining is recommended for ASIC/GPU miners. Further more, even for mining pools, small mining pool will generate better performance than big NENG mining pool because of new algo v1.2.x post hard fork.
The set up configuration of NENG for scrypt pool mining is same as a typical normal scrypt coin. In other word, DynDiff on Scrypt algo is backward compatible with Scrypt algo. Because ASIC/GPU miners rely on CPU miners for smooth blockchain movement, checkout bottom of "Latest News" section for A WARNING to All ASIC miners before you decide to dump big ASIC hash rate into NENG mining.
(1) Original DynDiff Warning: (2) New Warning on RandomSpike Spike difficulty (244k) introduced in RandomSpike served as roadblocks to instant mining and provide security against 51% attack risk. However, this spike difficulty like a roadblock that makes big ASIC mining less profitable. In case of spike block to be mined, the spike difficulty immediately serve as base difficulty, which will block GPU/ASIC miners effectively and leave CPU cheetah solo miners dominating mining almost 100% until next base difficulty reset.
Cminors' Pool
Features: anonymous sign up and trading. No restriction or limit on deposit or withdraw.
The trading pairs available: NewEnglandcoin (NENG) / Dogecoin (DOGE)
Trading commission: A round trip trading will incur 0.10% trading fees in average. Fees are paid only on buyer side. buy fee: 0.2% / sell fee: 0% Deposit fees: free for all coins Withdraw fees: ZERO per withdraw. Mining fees are appointed by each coin blockchain. To cover the blockchain mining fees, there is minimum balance per coin per account: * Dogecoin 2 DOGE * NewEnglandcoin 1 NENG
Latest News Aug 30, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.5 Released for Android/Chromebook Upgrade with armhf, better hardware support
Aug 11, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.4 Released for Android arm64 Upgrade / Chromebook Support
Jul 30, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.3 Released for Linux Wallet Upgrade with 8 Distros
Jul 21, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.2 Released for MacOS Upgrade with Catalina
Jul 19, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.1 Released for MacOS Wallet Upgrade
Jul 15, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0 Released for Android Mining, Ubuntu 20.04 support
Jul 11, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0 Android Mining, randomSpike Evaluation
Jun 27, 2020 - Pre-Announce: NENG v1.4.0 Proposal for Mobile Miner Upgrade, Android Mining Start in July 2020
Jun 19, 2020 - Best Practice for Futurebit Moonlander2 USB ASIC on solo mining mode
Mar 15, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike - NENG v1.3.0.1 Released for better wallet syncing
Feb 23, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike - NENG Core v1.3.0 Relased, Hardfork on Mar 1
Feb 1, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike Proposal Published- NENG 1.3.0 Hardfork
Jan 15, 2020 - NewEnglandcoin Dev Team Expanded with New Kickoff
Jan 12, 2020 - Explanation of Base Diff Reset and Effect of Supply
Dec 19, 2019 - Shoreline_tradingbot version 1.0 is released
Sept 1, 2019 - NewEnglandcoin (NENG) is Selected as Shoreline Tradingbot First Supported Coin
Aug 15, 2019 - Mining Update on Effect of Base Difficulty Reset, GPU vs ASIC
Jul 7, 2019 - CPU Mining on macOS Mojave is supported under latest Cheetah_Cpuminer Release
Jun 1, 2019 - NENG Fiat project is stopped by Square, Inc
Apr 21, 2019 - NENG Fiat Project is Launched by ShorelineCrypto
Apr 7, 2019 - Announcement of Fiat Project for all U.S. Residents & Mobile Miner Project Initiation
Apr 1, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange
Mar 27, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange
Mar 17, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange
Feb 26, 2019 - Community Project - NewEnglandcoin Graphic Redesign Bounty Initiated
Feb 22, 2019 - Dev Policy on Checkpoints on NewEnglandcoin
Feb 20, 2019 - NewEnglandCoin v1.2.1 Released to Secure the Hard Kork
Feb 11, 2019 - NewEnglandCoin v1.2.0 Released, Anti-51% Attack, Anti-instant Mining after Hard Fork
Jan 13, 2019 - Cheetah_CpuMiner added support for CPU Mining on Mac
Jan 12, 2019 - NENG Core v1.1.2 Released to support MacOS OSX Wallet
Jan 2, 2019 - Cheetah_Cpuminer v1.1.0 is released for both Linux and Windows
Dec 31, 2018 - Technical Whitepaper is Released
Dec 28, 2018 - Cheetah_Cpuminer v1.0.0 is released for Linux
Update on Dec 14, 2018 - NENG Blockchain Stuck Issue
Nov 27, 2018 - Exclusive for PC CPU Miners - How to Steal a Block from ASIC Miners
Nov 28, 2018 - How to CPU Mine a NENG block with window/linux PC
Nov 29, 2018 - A Warning to ASIC Miners
Disclosure: Dev Team Came from ShorelineCrypto, a US based Informatics Service Business offering Fee for service for Coin Creation, Coin Exchange Listing, Blockchain Consulting, etc.
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Bitcoin est-il trop difficile à comprendre ?

J’ai passé une grande partie des trois dernières années à expliquer Bitcoin au grand public et la résistance la plus courante qu’on m’a opposée c’est que « Bitcoin est trop compliqué » et que « les masses ne comprendront jamais ».
C’est un argument valable. Bitcoin est compliqué et si vous voulez obtenir à une vision complète du panorama, il faudra d’abord connaitre l’Histoire de la monnaie puis comprendre le fonctionnement des réseaux peer-to-peer et de la cryptographie.
C’est pour cette raison que je trouve étrange d’entendre des amis affirmer que Bitcoin est « inévitable ». On semble croire qu’un jour le grand public comprendra soudainement les mérites de Bitcoin et l’adoptera par lui-même. Ce n’est certainement pas ce qui m’est arrivé. Pour comprendre Bitcoin j’ai dû passer des heures à lire des articles, des livres, à écouter des podcasts, à regarder des vidéos et à débattre des concepts sous-jacents sur des forums. Peut-être que si Andreas Antonopolous n’avait pas mis en ligne 500 vidéos ou que Nathaniel Popper n’avait pas écrit Digital Gold, je ferais aujourd’hui partie de ceux qui considèrent que Bitcoin est une escroquerie.
La croyance inverse c’est que Bitcoin est tout simplement trop compliqué pour que de simples mortels le comprennent, et que l’adoption de masse ne se produira que lorsque Bitcoin et le Lightning Network sont si simples que les grand-mères pourront l’utiliser. Dans The Gates of Bitcoin, John Carvalho appelle cela « l’erreur du rasoir de grand-mère » : la croyance qu’une culture élitiste doit envelopper tout nouvelle technologie pour « protéger » les gens d’eux-mêmes. Il souligne également : « Heureusement, les humains ont démontré leur capacité à comprendre n’importe quoi quand ils ont une motivation suffisante pour le faire. »
Nous avons vu cela se reproduire encore et encore dans les 11 ans d’histoire de Bitcoin. En 2011, Wikileaks a appris à utiliser Bitcoin très rapidement quand Visa, MasterCard, PayPal et Western Union ont suspendu ses comptes sous la pression du Sénat américain. Bien que Satoshi Nakamoto lui-même ait demandé à Wikileaks de NE PAS utiliser Bitcoin [NdT : pour ne pas attirer l’attention sur un projet qui lui semblait encore immature], Wikileaks l’a quand même fait et on estime que l’organisation a reçu environ 4000 BTC de dons. Non seulement ça a maintenu Wikileaks en vie malgré l’effort coordonné pour le tuer financièrement, mais ça lui a constitué un trésor qui lui permet de subsister aujourd’hui encore.
Un autre exemple, mon préféré, date de 2014. La Women’s Annex Foundation (WAF) en Afghanistan a utilisé Bitcoin pour payer ses membres pour leurs travaux de rédaction, de développement de logiciels et de montage vidéo. C’était sous le régime taliban et les femmes n’étaient pas autorisées à posséder des comptes bancaires, à gagner leur vie par elles-mêmes ou même à aller à l’école.
La motivation est une chose puissante. Quand c’est une question de vie ou de mort, les gens découvrent soudain qu’il n’est pas si difficile de télécharger une application mobile et de copier-coller une adresse. Bitcoin ne devient soudainement beaucoup plus simple.
Je veux revenir un peu plus sur la complexité de Bitcoin. Il y a des nuances à établir. Bitcoin est certainement difficile à comprendre, mais cela ne veut pas dire qu’il est difficile à utiliser. La plupart des gens peuvent conduire une voiture ou envoyer un email sans comprendre le moteur à combustion interne ou le protocole SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Et les deux sont sans doute considérés comme « trop compliqués » pour les masses.
L’idée même de « difficulté » peut être analysée. Je vais la décomposer en deux concepts : la difficulté technique et la difficulté perçue.
La difficulté technique est la compétence requise pour exécuter quelque chose, comme télécharger une application, conduire une voiture ou jouer du violon. Vous devez apprendre à utiliser l’outil. Les concepteurs peuvent (partiellement) réduire les compétences requises en créant des outils conviviaux, mais on ne peut s’en passer complètement. Pourtant, lorsque nous regardons le nombre de personnes qui peuvent conduire des voitures et utiliser les médias sociaux, nous voyons que des millions de gens, y compris des mamies, sont prêts à apprendre des opérations complexes si en échange ils peuvent se rendre au centre commercial ou débattre avec des anonymes sur Twitter.
La difficulté perçue est l’obstacle psychologique, c’est-à-dire la croyance que quelque chose est difficile. C’est quand on renonce à essayer de comprendre quelque chose parce que cela semble trop difficile. La difficulté perçue est omniprésente. Les gens prétendront qu’il est « trop difficile » de suivre un régime ou d’étudier pour un examen lorsque, même lorsque du point de vue de la difficulté technique, les choses sont faciles : Ne pas manger le gâteau, aller dans sa chambre et étudier. Le problème, ce sont les incitations. Les gens ne veulent pas étudier et veulent bouffer le gâteau. Les amener à changer de comportement n’a rien à voir avec la difficulté technique et tout à voir avec la motivation.
J’ai rencontré plusieurs fois ce type de difficultés dans Bitcoin. Les gens me disent souvent, par exemple, qu’ils ont acheté des bitcoins mais qu’ils les ont laissés sur un exchange. Et à chaque fois que j’expliquais que c’était une mauvaise idée [et que je leur suggérais de détenir eux-même leurs bitcoins], ils me répondaient : « C’est trop compliqué ». Cela m’a incité à écrire non pas un, mais deux articles. L’un pour expliquer pourquoi garder Bitcoin sur un exchange est une mauvaise idée, et l’autre pour expliquer comment configurer un portefeuille, en faisant aussi court et simple que possible. J’ai envoyé les deux articles à l’une de ces personnes. Finalement, elle a cédé, elle a téléchargé un wallet, sauvegardé sa phrase de récupération et a retiré ses bitcoins de l’exchange. « Ok, ce n’était pas si difficile », a-t-elle finalement convenu.
Avec Lightning, nous pourrions éventuellement être en mesure de réduire complètement la difficulté technique liée à l’utilisation de Bitcoin. Sur le Lightning Network, vous n’avez pas besoin de penser aux blocs, aux confirmations ou aux frais. À mesure que le réseau mûrit, vous n’aurez peut-être plus à vous soucier des canaux ou de leur capacité. Et avec des produits comme Strike, vous n’aurez peut-être même pas besoin de savoir que vous utilisez Lightning. L’ambition de Lightning est de fournir à terme une expérience utilisateur extrêmement simple tout en conservant la liberté et l’autonomie qui font l’intérêt et la réputation de Bitcoin. Mais même si cette situation était possible dès demain, la difficulté perçue resterait.
La bonne nouvelle est que la difficulté perçue est finalement une culture. Quand j’étais enfant, l’utilisation d’un ordinateur était considérée comme tellement ardue que vous aviez besoin d’un cours d’informatique pour être apte à en utiliser un. Aujourd’hui, vous êtes considéré comme fonctionnellement analphabète si vous ne pouvez pas utiliser un ordinateur à l’âge de dix ans. Mais les habitudes ne changent pas d’elles-mêmes. Nous devons être proactifs si nous voulons que Bitcoin devienne tout ce qu’il pourrait être pour ceux qui en ont besoin. Nous devons modifier sa perception et aligner les incitations.
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A little nostalgia from the ETH days and literally every other big new coin...

Anyone who's concerned about FUD should take a trip down memory lane and find people bickering and hating on literally every other project that ever went anywhere (plus ones that actually died).
Here is a guy screaming about the ETH scam in 2014 -
you can find examples of people hating on EOS, HEX, and ANYTHING else that you might like or dislike, especially bitcoin. Haven't you heard? bitcoin has died over 350 times!
Arguing without valid ideas is a waste of time. If you don't like HEX then move on. Let real ideas compete and the markets will decide what's best. If you want to present valid arguments against HEX you are free to do so, but we don't get anywhere when we resort to what I refer to as 'micro-tribalism' which the internet has gifted to us.
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Bitcoin's Leading Critic Keeps Promoting Gold

Bitcoin's Leading Critic Keeps Promoting Gold
Who are we talking about? Of course, it's the notorious Peter Schiff, who's been prophesying doom for the world's largest cryptocurrency for years on end. As for his own crypto holdings, they are already doomed: at some point, Shiff received a small amount of Bitcoin as a gift but forgot the password to his blockchain wallet, so those BTC are lost now. In his recent interview for the Kitco News agency, Shiff talked about the situation in the gold market and the yellow metal's role in the events around various countries' currencies.
According to Shiff, the Federal Reserve's policy creates ideal conditions for inflation, which will impact different social classes in the US. As a result, the US dollar will depreciate.
Peter Shiff doesn't recommend buying USD-based assets. At the same time, he considers gold-mining stocks a good buy, though risky and not suitable for all investors. He also suggests buying the stock of corporations established in countries with stable national currencies.
The analyst predicts that the US dollar will lose its status as the world's premier currency. Instead, gold will become the leading reserve currency, acquiring a new function in the financial world.
Of course, gold is a physical asset – something that Bitcoin's chief critic likes. Plus, it can create real marginal value, for instance in manufacturing. And of course, any large purchase of gold requires KYC and AML compliance.
Website : Whitepaper:
Follow us on social media: Twitter: Telegram: Steemit: Reddit: Bitcointalk:
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Hi I'm the moderator of r/bitcoinforks and r/bitcoin mods tried to take over my subreddit

Hey Everyone,
I am a long time bitcoiner, and a while back I started my own subreddit: bitcoinforks. Since then I wanted to let the forum organically grow as I knew more forks were going to happen. Furthermore, Ive been slowly researching each bitcoin fork so I can add some more robust data to the forum over time.
Well it just so happens one of the most vocal moderators of bitcoin (will only abbreviate his name, others have tried too) tried to take over my forum by putting in a request with Reddit's main moderation team. The claim is that I was squatting, my name is supposedly a parody, and that the forum was inactive. Coincidently these multiple requests written by the mod 'S&D,' took place at the same time CryptoCurrency had seen some moderation changes.
I am here to tell you these cultists will not take my forum without a fight like they have done by monopolizing every bitcoin forum they can capture. bitcoin mods isn't it enough you guys monopolize bitcointalk, the wiki,, and a vast amount of domains and groups? Theymos is in charge of every group I just mentioned. Another bitcoin mod is in charge of the largest Facebook group and Google Plus group. Telegram groups have been taken over by this monopoly as well. Don't believe me search for the Telegram group @resolutions and see for yourself. The mods are all connected and they are same. Remember that lawsuit Telegram group? Funnily enough it is now the BTCC channel run by Trigz and the Clashic developer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We need to expose this further.
We need to fight back against this monopolizing force by continuously showing the world how they are attempting to take over everything they can, and continue exposing their lies and censorship.
I am inviting everyone here to Bitcoin Forks to post about any bitcoin fork in existence. I am a bitcoin cash fan I won't deny that, you can see this from my profile, and it is my favorite fork alongside bitcoin private. My subreddit is open for discussions and all are welcome without censorship.
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So does or doesn't the coronavirus influence the price of Bitcoin?

So does or doesn't the coronavirus influence the price of Bitcoin?
Dear all, 🌞
So does or doesn't the coronavirus influence the price of Bitcoin? When the outbreak started in China, the price went up quickly. Many people said that investors were selling stocks and buying BTC and gold to protect their money. But now that the virus is spreading in Europe, the price of BTC is going down again. From $10k it plummeted to $8k.
Apparently this happened because founders of the scam project PlusToken offloaded their BTC holdings. This shows that crypto prices aren't really determined by the stock market and politics.
Our upcoming update will include a price forecasting tool that will help you trade profitably even under strong volatility – stay tuned!
🔵We are created for your profit
❤️ Onex Team
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Hal Finney, while paralyzed by ALS, wrote code for a bitcoin wallet using only his eyes

It's important to remember Bitcoin's roots, and the amazing effort from brilliant people, like Hal, who contributed to this new technology. If you're feeling down, this is an absolute must read. I have it saved, and read it every once in awhile, enjoy.
"And of course the price gyrations of bitcoins are entertaining to me. I have skin in the game. But I came by my bitcoins through luck, with little credit to me. I lived through the crash of 2011. So I've seen it before. Easy come, easy go." - Hal Finney, March 19, 2013, 08:40:02 PM
Bitcoin and me (Hal Finney)
Copied from
I thought I'd write about the last four years, an eventful time for Bitcoin and me.
For those who don't know me, I'm Hal Finney. I got my start in crypto working on an early version of PGP, working closely with Phil Zimmermann. When Phil decided to start PGP Corporation, I was one of the first hires. I would work on PGP until my retirement. At the same time, I got involved with the Cypherpunks. I ran the first cryptographically based anonymous remailer, among other activities.
Fast forward to late 2008 and the announcement of Bitcoin. I've noticed that cryptographic graybeards (I was in my mid 50's) tend to get cynical. I was more idealistic; I have always loved crypto, the mystery and the paradox of it.
When Satoshi announced Bitcoin on the cryptography mailing list, he got a skeptical reception at best. Cryptographers have seen too many grand schemes by clueless noobs. They tend to have a knee jerk reaction.
I was more positive. I had long been interested in cryptographic payment schemes. Plus I was lucky enough to meet and extensively correspond with both Wei Dai and Nick Szabo, generally acknowledged to have created ideas that would be realized with Bitcoin. I had made an attempt to create my own proof of work based currency, called RPOW. So I found Bitcoin facinating.
When Satoshi announced the first release of the software, I grabbed it right away. I think I was the first person besides Satoshi to run bitcoin. I mined block 70-something, and I was the recipient of the first bitcoin transaction, when Satoshi sent ten coins to me as a test. I carried on an email conversation with Satoshi over the next few days, mostly me reporting bugs and him fixing them.
Today, Satoshi's true identity has become a mystery. But at the time, I thought I was dealing with a young man of Japanese ancestry who was very smart and sincere. I've had the good fortune to know many brilliant people over the course of my life, so I recognize the signs.
After a few days, bitcoin was running pretty stably, so I left it running. Those were the days when difficulty was 1, and you could find blocks with a CPU, not even a GPU. I mined several blocks over the next days. But I turned it off because it made my computer run hot, and the fan noise bothered me. In retrospect, I wish I had kept it up longer, but on the other hand I was extraordinarily lucky to be there at the beginning. It's one of those glass half full half empty things.
The next I heard of Bitcoin was late 2010, when I was surprised to find that it was not only still going, bitcoins actually had monetary value. I dusted off my old wallet, and was relieved to discover that my bitcoins were still there. As the price climbed up to real money, I transferred the coins into an offline wallet, where hopefully they'll be worth something to my heirs.
Speaking of heirs, I got a surprise in 2009, when I was suddenly diagnosed with a fatal disease. I was in the best shape of my life at the start of that year, I'd lost a lot of weight and taken up distance running. I'd run several half marathons, and I was starting to train for a full marathon. I worked my way up to 20+ mile runs, and I thought I was all set. That's when everything went wrong.
My body began to fail. I slurred my speech, lost strength in my hands, and my legs were slow to recover. In August, 2009, I was given the diagnosis of ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's disease, after the famous baseball player who got it.
ALS is a disease that kills moter neurons, which carry signals from the brain to the muscles. It causes first weakness, then gradually increasing paralysis. It is usually fatal in 2 to 5 years. My symptoms were mild at first and I continued to work, but fatigue and voice problems forced me to retire in early 2011. Since then the disease has continued its inexorable progression.
Today, I am essentially paralyzed. I am fed through a tube, and my breathing is assisted through another tube. I operate the computer using a commercial eyetracker system. It also has a speech synthesizer, so this is my voice now. I spend all day in my power wheelchair. I worked up an interface using an arduino so that I can adjust my wheelchair's position using my eyes.
It has been an adjustment, but my life is not too bad. I can still read, listen to music, and watch TV and movies. I recently discovered that I can even write code. It's very slow, probably 50 times slower than I was before. But I still love programming and it gives me goals. Currently I'm working on something Mike Hearn suggested, using the security features of modern processors, designed to support "Trusted Computing", to harden Bitcoin wallets. It's almost ready to release. I just have to do the documentation.
And of course the price gyrations of bitcoins are entertaining to me. I have skin in the game. But I came by my bitcoins through luck, with little credit to me. I lived through the crash of 2011. So I've seen it before. Easy come, easy go.
That's my story. I'm pretty lucky overall. Even with the ALS, my life is very satisfying. But my life expectancy is limited. Those discussions about inheriting your bitcoins are of more than academic interest. My bitcoins are stored in our safe deposit box, and my son and daughter are tech savvy. I think they're safe enough. I'm comfortable with my legacy. [edited slightly] - Hal Finney
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Constructing an Opt-In alternative reward for securing the blockchain

Since a keyboard with a monero logo got upvoted to the top I realized I should post various thoughts I have and generate some discussion. I hope others do the same.
Monero is currently secured by a dwindling block reward. There is a chance that the tail emission reward + transaction fees to secure the blockchain could become insufficient and allow for a scenario where it is profitable for someone to execute a 51% attack.
To understand this issue better, read this:
In Game Theory, Tragedy of the Commons is a market failure scenario where a common good is produced in lower quantities than the public desires, or consumed in greater quantities than desired. One example is pollution - it is in the public's best interest not to pollute, but every individual has incentive to pollute (e.g. because burning fossil fuel is cheap, and individually each consumer doesn't affect the environment much). The relevance to Bitcoin is a hypothetical market failure that might happen in the far future when the block reward from mining drops near zero. In the current Bitcoin design, the only fees miners earn at this time are Transaction fees. Miners will accept transactions with any fees (because the marginal cost of including them is minimal) and users will pay lower and lower fees (in the order of satoshis). It is possible that the honest miners will be under-incentivized, and that too few miners will mine, resulting in lower difficulty than what the public desires. This might mean various 51% attacks will happen frequently, and the Bitcoin will not function correctly. The Bitcoin protocol can be altered to combat this problem - one proposed solution is Dominant Assurance Contracts. Another more radical proposal (in the sense that the required change won't be accepted by most bitcoiners) is to have a perpetual reward that is constant in proportion to the monetary base. That can be achieved in two ways. An ever increasing reward (inflatacoin/expocoin) or a constant reward plus a demurrage fee in all funds that caps the monetary base (freicoin). This scenario was discussed on several threads: - Tragedy of the Commons - Disturbingly low future difficulty equilibrium - Stack Exchange Currently there is no consensus whether this problem is real, and if so, what is the best solution. 

I suspect that least contentious solution to it is not to change code, emission or artificially increase fees (which would actually undermine the tail emission and lead to other problems, I believe: but rather use a Dominant Assurance Contract that makes it rational for those who benefit from Monero to contribute to the block reward.

Dominant assurance contracts
Dominant assurance contracts, created by Alex Tabarrok, involve an extra component, an entrepreneur who profits when the quorum is reached and pays the signors extra if it is not. If the quorum is not formed, the signors do not pay their share and indeed actively profit from having participated since they keep the money the entrepreneur paid them. Conversely, if the quorum succeeds, the entrepreneur is compensated for taking the risk of the quorum failing. Thus, a player will benefit whether or not the quorum succeeds; if it fails he reaps a monetary return, and if it succeeds, he pays only a small amount more than under an assurance contract, and the public good will be provided.
Tabarrok asserts that this creates a dominant strategy) of participation for all players. Because all players will calculate that it is in their best interests to participate, the contract will succeed, and the entrepreneur will be rewarded. In a meta-game, this reward is an incentive for other entrepreneurs to enter the DAC market, driving down the cost disadvantage of dominant assurance contract versus regular assurance contracts.
Monero doesn't have a lot of scripting options to work with currently so it is very hard for me to understand how one might go about creating a Dominant Assurance Contract using Monero, especially in regards to paying out to a miner address.
This is how it could work in Bitcoin:
This scheme is an attempt at Mike Hearn's exercise for the reader: an implementation of dominant assurance contracts. The scheme requires the use of multisignature transactions, nLockTime and transaction replacement which means it won't work until these features are available on the Bitcoin network.
A vendor agrees to produce a good if X BTC are raised by date D and to pay Y BTC to each of n contributors if X BTC are not raised by date D, or to pay nY BTC if X BTC are raised and the vendor fails to produce the good to the satisfaction of 2 of 3 independent arbitrators picked through a fair process
The arbitrators specify a 2-of-3 multisignature script to use as an output for the fundraiser with a public key from each arbitrator, which will allow them to judge the performance on actually producing the good
For each contributor:
The vendor and the contributor exchange public keys
They create a 2-of-2 multisignature output from those public keys
With no change, they create but do not sign a transaction with an input of X/n BTC from the contributor and an input of Y BTC from the vendor, with X/n+Y going to the output created in 3.2
The contributor creates a transaction where the output is X+nY to the address created in step 2 and the input is the output of the transaction in 3.3, signs it using SIGHASH_ALL | SIGHASH_ANYONECANPAY, with version = UINT_MAX and gives it to the vendor
The vendor creates a transaction of the entire balance of the transaction in 3.3 to the contributor with nLockTime of D and version < UINT_MAX, signs it and gives it to the contributor
The vendor and contributor then both sign the transaction in 3.3 and broadcast it to the network, making the transaction in 3.4 valid when enough contributors participate and the transaction in 3.5 valid when nLockTime expires
As date D nears, nLockTime comes close to expiration.
If enough (n) people contribute, all of the inputs from 3.4 can combine to make the output valid when signed by the vendor, creating a valid transaction sending that money to the arbitrators, which only agree to release the funds when the vendor produces a satisfactory output
If not enough people ( Note that there is a limit at which it can be more profitable for the vendor to make the remaining contributions when D approaches
Now the arbitrators have control of X (the payment from the contributors) + nY (the performance bond from the vendor) BTC and pay the vendor only when the vendor performs satisfactorily
Such contracts can be used for crowdfunding. Notable examples from Mike Hearn include:
Funding Internet radio stations which don't want to play ads: donations are the only viable revenue source as pay-for-streaming models allow undercutting by subscribers who relay the stream to their own subscribers
Automatically contributing to the human translation of web pages

Monero has these features:
  1. Multisig
  2. LockTime (but it is much different then BTCs)
  3. A possibility to do MoJoin (CoinJoin) like transactions, even if less then optimally private. There is hope that the MoJoin Schemes will allow for better privacy in the future:
I have a draft writeup for a merged-input system called MoJoin that allows multiple parties to generate a single transaction. The goal is to complete the transaction merging with no trust in any party, but this introduces significant complexity and may not be possible with the known Bulletproofs multiparty computation scheme. My current version of MoJoin assumes partial trust in a dealer, who learns the mappings between input rings and outputs (but not true spends or Pedersen commitment data).

Additionally, Non-Interactive Refund Transactions could also be possible in Monero's future.
I can't fully workout how all of these could work together to make a DAC that allows miners to put up and payout a reward if it doesn't succeed, or how we could make it so *any* miner who participated (by putting up a reward) could claim the reward if it succeeded. I think this should really be explored as it could make for a much more secure blockchain, potentially saving us if a "crypto winter" hits where the value of monero and number of transactions are low, making for a blockchain that is hard to trust because it would be so cheap to perform a 51% attack.

I am still skeptical of Dominant Assurance Contracts, despite success in an initial test
it still remains questionable or at least confusing:
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Bitcoin Token Full Review
Bitcoin Token Full Review Was up guys I want to talk about Bitcoin Token and all of its cool features like the Masternode, Staking Wallet and even owning your own full node using a Raspberry Pi, Plus some managed to create a Mining Rig or somewhat of a "Staking Rig" for BTCT. Oh and here's the links to what you see in this video =))
** Bitcoin Token Main Website **
** Bitcoin Token Ann Page **
** Bitcoin Token CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko **
**Bitcoin Token Block Explorer **
** Bitcoin Token Medium Page **
** Bitcoin Token Telegram **
** Bitcoin Token Twitter Page **
Keyword: Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Promoting, Content Creation, Promoter, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, P2P, Peer to Peer, Block Explorer, Genesis Block, Asic miners, PoW, Proof of Work, PoS, Proof of Stake, MN, MasterNode, Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum, ETH, ERC20, Smart Contracts, MetaMask, ETHplorer, Altcoins, ICO, Crypto Faucets, Bounty Contest, Crypto Airdrops, Bitpay, Bitcoin Token, BTCT
#Bitcoin #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
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📣 We are proud to announce that Ferrum Network has partnered with DASH

New York/Lagos, September 16, 2019 — Dash, the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce, today announced a partnership with Ferrum Network, a high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications, to offer Dash payment options to Kudi Exchange customers and merchants, and to host Dash in the Ferrum Network product line.
Dash has a heavy presence in Nigeria, with hundreds of merchants offering it as a payment method. Similarly, Kudi Exchange, the “Coinbase plus Venmo” of Africa, has been aggressively on-boarding Nigerian merchants and customers to its hybrid cryptocurrency exchange and instant payments app.
By offering Dash to Ferrum Network and Kudi Exchange users through the UniFyre Wallet (to be directly connected to Kudi Exchange), customers throughout Africa and around the world will have access to a top digital asset in Dash.
“We are thrilled to be partnering with Dash — one of the best and most trusted names in cryptocurrencies for the benefit of our users,” said Naiem Yeganeh, PhD, CEO of Ferrum Network.
From the standpoint of our Kudi Exchange customers in Africa, Dash fits the model of what we wish to offer — a real use case, existing users, and a focus on Africa through Dash Nigeria, said Germaine Ifudu, COO of Kudi Exchange.
“The partnership of Ferrum Network/Kudi Exchange and Dash represents a natural evolution of where we want to take Dash. With this partnership, Dash is now exposed to an entirely new set of users in a high-growth region who can truly benefit from the everything Dash has to offer — a truly decentralized global currency for instant, low-cost, peer-to-peer transactions” said Nathaniel Luz of Dash Nigeria.
“We look forward to working closely with Dash as Ferrum Network expands its product line worldwide. We will be deepening the Ferrum-Dash partnership in the future as we continue to release our products and our mainnet, said Ian Friend, Esq. COO of Ferrum Network.
About Dash Dash is digital cash, allowing millions of individuals, as well as thousands of merchants and businesses across the globe to carry out blazingly fast, secure transactions for less than a cent. A top ranked cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $1.3 billion USD, and the rising alternative to bitcoin, Dash is accepted at over 4,900 merchants globally, accessible via 700+ ATMS and 90+ exchanges worldwide, making it one of the few offering safe, decentralized solutions. For more information, visit or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.
About Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network is a blockchain-based FinTech company bringing world-class financial products to emerging markets. Ferrum’s high-speed interoperability network supports financial applications such as fiat gateway and non-custodial wallet designed to empower millions of people around the world by giving them control of their own assets. The FRM token is now available, Binance DEX, and others coming soon. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter:
Ferrum Network Links:
Bitcoin Talk:
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Bitcoin Market Cycle: Headed Towards Point of Maximum Financial Opportunity

Author: CoinLive News Team Jun 18, 2018 at 12:47
(Click the link to visualize the article from the original source)
There are many venues one can venture when it comes to analyzing the state of affairs in a particular market. However, from a psychological perspective, it is human nature to see repetitive patterns play out over and over. In this article, we want to bring to the readers' attention the psychology behind a market cycle, how it tends to trick one's emotions, and what stage the crypto space might be at.

Understanding the Psychology of a Market Cycle

Credit goes to Karen Bennett, writer at, whose chart (below) on the psychology of a market cycle has become an absolute classic to explain the different emotional phases of any volatile market. The chart illustrates the type of feelings and sentiment traders and investors alike experience as the price fluctuates. These inevitable human emotions, coupled with market fundamentals, help to explain the price dynamics and what we should expect based on the type of emotional phase we project to be in.
In this article, we will attempt to draw some parallels between the chart of Bitcoin and the psychological cycles investors go through as described by Karen Bennett. Let's, first of all, explore the chart below and extract a few insights out of it. It is of cardinal importance to always be reminded that markets go through periods of expansion and contraction, which describes the times where the market alternates between trending in a defined direction and moving sideways. This phenomenon can be extrapolated to multiple facets of our lives (thermal, matter, solid, liquids...).
It is during the periods of most contraction that the majority of the market crowd will leave by selling their holding (weak-handed players) to those that are interested in buying to accumulate at what is perceived as attractive prices. The contraction of the market partly occurs due to the compressive effect of those strong-handed players absorbing selling orders.

Applying Market Cycle Psychology to Bitcoin & Market Cap

By comparing the psychology of market moves and its emotions to the rollercoaster seen in Bitcoin ever since its peak from its irrationally exuberant rally from Dec-Jan, we have taken the initiative to draw what we believe could be some common parallels that may provide some extra insights about the potential market phase we might be at, as perceived by market participants. In our opinion, a period of depression, which leads up to disbelief might be the most accurate terrain we find ourselves at this moment in time, especially after the harsh sell-off resumption seen ever since mid-May.
We can best define this period as the one that sees a consistent loss of hope, with investors no longer expecting a significant upward correction in the near future that may get them out of the deep hole they find themselves in. A significant portion of market participants give up on the idea that their capital has been wisely invested. We seem to have entered a phase where investors aim to save whatever funds left in desperation even if they realize that cutting the losses for whatever capital is left will still represent a major setback.
This phase leads to a potential paradigm shift in their belief about the underlying fundamentals that they first considered so disruptive, or they simply come to the realization that the only reason they invested was out of an adrenaline-led hype vs a proper understanding of the technology and its revolutionary consequences to advance society as we know it. This loss in the overall interest keeps prices at depressed levels, which tends to coincide, at times, with the lowest point in the current cycle.
Stable prices in a compressed range tend to follow, in what might be an arduous and torturous stage lasting quite some time before a new bullish trend re-emerges. Note how the ATR has been consistently compressing since the peak, which suggests we are gradually heading towards the compression phase and point of maximum financial opportunity.

Keep in Mind Return to the 'Mean'

Another critical component to understand is the term "return to the mean". Given that the price of Bitcoin is now way below the most widely followed moving averages (5, 100, 200-Daily Moving Average), one could apply the usefulness of drawing trending lines to estimate where the fair value or mean may be located. Note, different interpretations (lines drawn) should be considered.
By connecting the most number of highs /lows from various price sequences, we come up with at least 3 different trendlines that serve as an estimate to calculate where the market may perceive the mean or fair value of Bitcoin. No one can really tell whether the first green box is the one the market is paying most attention to (follow volumes for valuable tips). However, this exercise helps us determine, from a market cycle/mean reversion standpoint, that the range between $6.5k and $3k appears to be an area where a period of accumulation (perception of value) will most likely occur.
Mean reversion is extremely critical. Over a short span, the markets can behave in such an erratic manner, and anything can happen, however, when we scan the market conditions as part of an extended period of time, which may go from months to years - that's when statistics and certain patterns tend to more accurately play out, with 2 plus 2 more often than not equal 4. Performance that is well above average eventually reverts back to an equilibrium point as it no longer can defy gravity, while performance that is well below average has a tendency to improve.
At CoinLive we are always open for interpretations that can be logically explained and have a mathematical backing. We have been long endorsing the approach taken by the user of BitcoinTalk that goes by the name Trolololo and its logarithmic non-linear mean regression chart. According to the chart below, we might be closer to the upper edge of the $6.5k-$3k range, although as usual, a caveat applies. In the past, the price of Bitcoin has had a tendency to spend significant periods of time in an undervalued area below the mean reversion (red line).
The formula%2Fweeks)+-+8.81809) that utilizes can also be applied to the total crypto market capitalization (currently at $270b), which can be found below:
![103.23720 log((weeks since Friday, January 9, 2009/week) - 8.81809)]( = ![1.78×1011](
Twitter user @TommyWorldPower, a crypto influencer and Creator of @energicrypto, notes: "My observations of the market is that current fair value of market: $175B. Current growth rate ~150%/yr (decaying at 20%/yr, so next year would be ~120% growth). Thus, though we are overvalued now, we would reach fair market value in about 8 months at current valuation. I'm hodling."

What Can We Learn from the Analysis?

Some of the main takeaways from this analysis include:
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Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19

Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (27 Sep - 3 Oct'19):

ParGas went live this week. From now on, you will get an additional option to pay for gas in $PAR when making ERC20 withdrawals from ParJar. Epic! Read all about it here. In this week’s Parena, Samuel defeated Martha in a quick finale to take home the lion’s share of the 100k $PAR pot. The #PAR4PAR contest entered stage 4. 200k $PAR in prizes. Insane! In this week’s Tiproom trivias, Ridwan hosted a 10 question quiz for 25k $PAR in total. There was another Math trivia for 25k $PAR more. Sweet! Doc Victor hosted a Champions League wager for 50 participants with a 10k $PAR pool.
This PAR logo is entirely made using ASCII code. Courtesy: Jose

Tiproom #mememania winners. Alimam and Rogel were tied in 1st place
The winner of the USD 500 BTC aXpire contest was announced this week. Congratulations to yo*******[email protected]! Rohit and my article on how Big Co and Big Guv is using blockchain was published in Altcoin Magazine. Week 39 update from the aXpireverse can be seen here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead like clockwork. The latest 2gether app update now allows you to send $BTC and $ETH from your account to any wallet. Noice! The team, in the midst of shifting offices, set up camp at South Summit where 2gether is one of the finalist startups. Click here, here and here for pictures. As a finalist at the Summit, CEO Ramon got the opportunity to deliver a pitch to attendees. Plus interviews by Emprendiendo.TV and Funontheride. Great! The WednesdayClub dApp continues to airdrop $WED tokens every Wednesday. Make sure to get in on the action.
Parachute HQ recently shifted to the WeWork Navy Yards in NYC. Beautiful
XIO’s Binance Dex listing proposal* was submitted this week. For listing on the Dex, all projects submit detailed proposals and answer questions from the Binance Node operator community who then evaluate and decide on the listing. Read more about it here. Plus, there’s a hint of an $XIO doubling opportunity in there. The full roadmap (XIO Atlas) was also released with the proposal. An updated promo video came out as well. $XIO distribution to the giveaway winners was completed this week. In this week's discussion threads, Zachary talks about leverage, ERC20-BEP2 bridge, XIO capital and how many native tokens will incubated startups share with XIO citizens. The $BOMB Instagram is now handled by the community. So the BOMB Board opened up a proposal form for opinions from the community on how best to manage it.
\[As shared in last update, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will stay on Ethereum. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a later update]*
Two updates back we saw the WIP version. Here’s the full version of XIO Atlas
The $ETHOS token will be rebranding to Voyager ($VGX). The new token will be unveiled in November. Please note that there is no contract swap. This will simply be a rename. You can read more about it here. The bitcointalk Ann goes into even more details on the rebranded token’s use-cases. Understandably, there were lots of questions that came up. So the team arranged an AMA. If you missed it, check out the FAQ. Voyager also received investment from Thrust Capital through a private placement this week. Nice! Congratulations to Bounty0x for getting accepted to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program. This is huge! The latest update is a great summary the past quarter @Bounty0x – reaching minimum fund raise goal on Republic, new features like Admin Notes, $BNTY staking, integration with Bloom and KABN etc. Fantom hosted an AMA with G.Crypto this week. CMO Michael shared a formalised roadmap article as well to answer all “when” questions. Plus, click here for some cool pics from CryptoBazar Serial Hacking meetup which the $FTM team attended. Uptrenndians, don’t forget to read the $1UP tokenomics update. It explains how the token velocity will work in a way such that everyone gets an equal opportunity at stacking $1UPs no matter when they join. BTW, if you didn’t notice yet, Uptrenndian made it to the Urban Dictionary. You can vote to keep it there forever. Let’s go! One way to beat Monday morning blues is a healthy dose of Meme Mondays while watching the site climb up the Alexa rankings. Haha. And finally, the team announced a partnership with Xord who will work on the blockchain solutions on the platform.
Parachute investor deck sneak peek
Mycro conducted KYC for bounty hunters and started a campaign to stop fake entries. OST-backed Pepo app moved to the first live beta stage this week as a precursor to a formal beta launch and presentation at Ethereum DevCon5 in Osaka next week. The team also shared details of how to hop in for a free Shabu Shabu dinner and pub crawl for Pepo beta users at DevCon5. And on top of that, a massive bounty for sharing IRL experiences on Pepo. Dang! Another bounty for usability testing of Pepo with the UX Team was also launched. 3k $OST for each selected participant. Say what! The OST-backed LGBT token now has 4k+ users thanks to the Hornet app. Well done! SelfKey announced a partnership with social watching platform Livetree for providing them KYC compliance solutions during onboarding process. Make sure to read the post to find out how to get a 90-day free subscription on the platform. If you haven't yet watched Constellation advisor and former Sanrio CEO Ray Rehito Hatoyama's interview with Co-Founder Benjamin Jorgensen, you can read about it in The Daily Chain's detailed coverage. If you're a $DAG node operator, this tweet will be of interest to you. Hint: onboarding has started. Folks who missed Constellation's AMA with tehMoonwalkeR can catch up from the transcript. And finally, Arena Match hosted a flash giveaway. Eagle eyed fans got their hands on some sweet $AMGO!
Pepo ready to make waves at DevCon5
The month gone by at Opacity saw a 20% increase in new accounts and a ~20% return rate on the site. Read more performance metrics from CEO Jason’s round up article. This month will see a slew of new features like integrated gift card payments, plan upgrades, folder upload etc. A productive community doesn’t stop BUIDLing. Check out ImgOpq which is a community run imageboard that works with public Opacity handles. Fun! Catch up on the latest at District0x from the weekly and dev update. Plus, a shoutout to Ethlance from Jaide of Cryptalk was pretty cool. More partners joined the Hydro dApp store this week including Temporal, MESG and Colony. Hydrogen won the USA Nationals of the BBVA Open Talent Award which is one of the world’s largest fintech startup competitions. As a result, the team won the opportunity to present at the BBVA Open Summit in Madrid. Co-Founder Mike travelled to the World Blockchain Forum Conference in NYC to speak on Libra vs Hydro and data privacy. The South African Reserve Bank shortlisted Hydro for an accelerator programme in South Africa which will culminate in a Demo Day at the end of the month. Two winners from the Demo Day will be chosen who will get to pitch at the Singapore Fintech Festival and receive funding. Good Luck! To read a quick dev update, click here. The Sentivate community voted on whether to burn $SNTVT tokens or host a raffle. One way to participate in the vote was by signing a message through one’s wallet. How? Read this to find out. Chico Crypto’s deep dive interview with Founder Thomas Marchi was released this week. Continuing with last week’s discussion on universal domain system, this week we learned about how Domain Information Service works in the Universal Web.

And with that, it’s a close for this week at Parachute. Cheerio!
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LYN Tokenomics Plan to Counter Inflation & Speculation Problems Inhibiting Crypto’s Adoptio

LYN Tokenomics Plan to Counter Inflation & Speculation Problems Inhibiting Crypto’s Adoptio

As the name suggests Lynchpin is a cryptocurrency that was created with the intent of being a stablecoin. The birth of the LYN token was with a clear purpose to overcome the most crucial challenges that are currently impeding the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency by the general population.
Three of the major predicaments that make it difficult for a decentralized currency to rise up and finally be appreciated for its true value, are: speculation, lack of real utility and inflation.


Hype triggers speculation, which ultimately creates a bubble that is bound to burst. Lynchpin’s proposed solution to this, is to avoid freeloaders that come as a result of bounties and airdrops etc., and rather only take on genuine investors who’ve paid for their LYN tokens, thus they’re far more likely to be aligned with best interest of the currency long-term. In other words realadopters.
Furthermore, by effectively creating legitimate demand by a proprietary merchant adoption program, plus a strategically low and somewhat controlled supply of LYN, the longevity of the currency is far more promising as it is valuable in much more than a speculative way. However, the proof will be in the pudding.

Real Utility

Lynchpin have created a utility token with applied benefits, now in the present. LYN token holders can use LYN to purchase physical goods directly from its partnered platforms. This is significant, due to the fact that Lynchpin is still in an ICO phase and already providing real utility.
The demand of LYN token is further increased by leveraging several proprietary products and programs, such as the LynPay Debit Card, LynPay POS machines, and LynPay multi-currency wallet, which will all coordinate with the LynPay merchant adoption program (having already partnered with several e-commerce merchants).


Generally speaking mining and staking are the mechanisms used to create more tokens, and as a result increase a given cryptocurrency’s total supply. Unless executed to perfection, this method results in inflation, with the last person to invest affected the most — as their newly purchased tokens instantly become less valuable.
Rather than creating a new token supply, Lynchpin opts to pay for the Ethereum gas fee and leverages the 18 decimal point model in aid of instilling intrinsic value. Additionally, there is a total and maximum supply of only 5 million LYN tokens. Of this 5 million, 3 million will be locked in escrow for 12 months, leaving only 2 million in circulation.
The 3 million locked away is comprised of 2 million for private investors, and 1 million is reserved for the team and partners. Obviously private investors, the Lynchpin team and partners have a vested interest and are less likely to dump tokens upon the commencement of this holding period.
This limited supply of circulating tokens, alongside an increase in real adoption via tangible and valuable utility, will consequently increase the demand of the LYN token.

Moving Forward

By implementing this tokenomics plan, coordinated with the adoption sincere investors, Lynchpin bodes to achieve stability in the market and allow the judiciously calculated supply and demand to dictate the LYN price. Ultimately, the aim of the LYN token is to be a highly rewarding cryptocurrency with realutility, and reliable, lasting value. If executed successfully, Lynchpin could be the preferred payment method and currency of the future.
The public sale (first round) for the LYN token is on now, with no minimum purchase to participate. For more information, head to the Lynchpin website, or to monitor the project’s progress and see regular updates check out the Lynchpin social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
Website : Lyn Token
Whitelist : Lynpay Metal Debit card application
BitcoinTalk : (ANN) (ICO) Lynchpin (LYN) token Official
Telegram :
Facebook : Lynchpin Token
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Barterlly (automatic OTC escrow) is on sale

Hi all, I hope it's not OT in this place since it's about a service that supports a lot of coins was launched earlier this year as an automatic OTC escrow service. Afaik it's the only one of its kind. It supported all Bitcoin-like blockchains: BTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC, LTC, KMD, etc... plus Ethereum and Erc20. Any other unique code can be integrated too.
Its purpose was to allow fast direct trades without need for an human escrow. One of the parties would setup a trade and Barterlly automatically creates on-the-fly addresses and do the swap once both sides have deposited the funds (or return them back if one side doesn't complete his part within a set time). It charged a 0,1% fee on both sides of the trade. Beside the web version, it can also be integrated with wallets, Discord, Telegram, Wechat, etc.
It was all self-funded without any ICO or token but now the founders are out of financial resources to make it fully compliant, they wanted to add stablecoins and move forward but it's not possible and the website is down. The backend code works and the service was running fine until august, there are custom coin templates and API for third party integration. They're looking for a serious investor who likes its potential. They're based in France.
I was one of the early backers because I liked the concept but there's nothing else I can help with
Bitcointalk ANN: Twitter:
Potential partners can join Barterlly Discord and talk with Owerache:
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Weekly Update: ParJar hits 1k, aXpire appeal to PAR fam, Fantom crushing it, 2gether presale... - 15 Mar - 21 Mar'19

Weekly Update: ParJar hits 1k, aXpire appeal to PAR fam, Fantom crushing it, 2gether presale... - 15 Mar - 21 Mar'19
Sup Guys! Here’s another detailed update for the week that was at Parachute (15-21 Mar’19):

We reached 1000 members in ParJar this week! This called for a celebration Parena. And games master Jason answered the call with a battlefest like never before. Alexis beat FwBastille in a long and bloody finale to take home a big chunk from the 300k PAR pot. March Madness is now live! Hope you made good picks. Brackets are locked and now visible. 475k PAR is on the table. If you want to watch the tourney, stream here. Parachute + aXpire hosted DoTA 2 competition is still open for entries. 1.25M PAR + 10k AXPR on the line. Get in! Click here for more details. The teams will play on 6th April 8 PM EST. Did you make your entry for the charity Parena yet? It will be held on 14 April and is a buy-in Parena. Make a minimum 5 USD donation to Clinton’s charity either through ParJar (tip Clinton) or directly (share proof with Jason) and stand a chance to win a unique t-shirt.
Alexis’ Shrike’s journey to victory in the 1k celebration Parena
aXpire has officially entered the prestigious list of tokens (“The Pool”) that will be voted on for listing on Ethfinex (voting starts on 2nd April). aXpire calls on the Parachute community to help them get over the final hurdle. You’ll need EVTs (Ethfinex Voting Tokens) to vote for aXpire. Check out this article on how to get EVT. aXpire will rebate the community for their ETH spent on EVT voted. Make sure to submit details of your EVT purchase and vote to get the rebate. Also, there's an additional draw for a chance to win 1000 USD in AXPR for voters. Details here. Let’s do this folks! Let’s get on Ethfinex! In more aXpire news, 10k more AXPR was burnt as part of the weekly burn event. Still figuring out, how to use MatchBX to find work? Have a look at this cool infographic to get your questions answered. aXpire was listed on Blockfolio signals this week. All Blockfolio users who track AXPR or have it added to their portfolio will now get updates from the team through push notifications. At aXpire, the team strives to make a positive dent on the world. Here’s their positive dent for this week: Visiting SOS Children’s Villages in India. Pictures from the event coming soon!
The Pool. Get voting, folks!
This has been the biggest week at 2gether yet! Let’s see if I can cover it all in one paragraph. 2gether took part in a pitching contest at CryptoMondays Madrid for tickets to Paris Blockchain Week and won! The winner was determined by the audience. Here’s a few pics from the event. 2gether’s Eurozone expansion beyond Spain was featured on Coindesk and shared by FinTech Futures. Crypto Zombie also featured the card in his video around the 19:27 mark. Some more notable features were on and BlockTV. The presale ANN also went up this week! Get in on the discussion. A good question or thoughtful post on BCT can earn you some sweet 2GB from their admins on TG. Did you know that participating in the presale could entitle you to some great bonuses? Check them out here. 2gether CEO Ramon was interviewed by Forbes radio a few weeks back. The interview is out now. Spanish speakers, have a listen. Plus, 2gether is launching an ambassador program for its most loyal users in Eurozone. If you’re interested, fill out this form and the team will connect to you. Whew! All fitted in one paragraph. Done.
A bank so efficient that it returns revenue to customers. Only at 2gether!
Like always, Fantom has been killing it! Chico Crypto reviewed Fantom in a 10 minute long video explaining its DAG structure. Look out for the lambo at 8:29 mark. Crypto Surge’s review of Fantom came out this week as well. Fantom joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative for which they received the V-Label. This label certifies that the project team is itself updating and maintaining its information on Binance Info. Transparency FTW! Fantom CEO Dr. Ahn presented at the WeGO Activities Briefing Session to municipal representatives from member cities of WeGO. He explained how Fantom could help development of smart cities in his presentation. Crypto researcher Jonathan Habicht published a review report of FTM. They scored 55/76. Pretty awesome! Axsonex’s project report on Fantom was also released. Here’s their tweet on it. And finally, Fantom was listed on Digifinex on the 19th. What a way to cap off the week!
Confused? Check out Chico Crypto’s Fantom Review to learn more
All XENB holders received the XEN profit sharing token this week. XENB is obsolete now that we all have our XEN. Woot! Trading gurus, get ready for the battle of the bots competition on 6th and 7th April. Top trading algos will make a ton of XEN plus some fiat (to buy more XEN. Haha). You can read about details of the competition here. Plus, there’s an ongoing bug bounty program to make even more XEN. Dean Papas from ETC Labs explained these giveaways in his Explore the Chain video at 1:46 mark. Keith Koo from the radio show 'Silicon Valley Insider' interviewed Shuvro and Brian on how the Cryzen platform functions. Check out the podcast here.
Can you spot Shuvro & Brian in this pic with Vijay Ullal, Seabed VC, addressing the ETC Labs cohort?
Now onto some news from our newest partners! Blockport enabled ETH and BPT deposits this week. Plus, a new partnership with TUSD was announced in preparation for their upcoming STO. Opacity-ParJar partnership has been rocking the show! A ton of OPQ was tipped to new members in the run up to 3k members in Opacity TG. Plus, a number of updates are listed in their March interim report: upcoming CCN interview, team changes etc. Have a read to know more. Check out District0x’s weekly update and dev report to get a lowdown on all that’s been happening over there. Here’s a few highlights: a set of new commands have been deployed in their TG to get quick info on the network and districts, tons of bugs solved in Meme Factory, District Registry development on course.
In addition to security + privacy advantages, Opacity also offers price advantage
BOMB, BPT and BNTY were listed on ETHOS this week with the latest ETHOS update. WandX founder Abhinav pushed a ton of updates this week. A number of Wanchain and AION smart contracts were deployed to mainnet. Updates to the desktop app will be in realtime so that there’s no need to download the app multiple times. The contracts have been open sourced here and here. Check out a few ways to earn on Uptrennd from this post. And did you know that Uptrennd commands a greater rate of attention than most social media giants? This post from Uptrennd founder Jeff lays it all out. Horizon State founder Nimo Naamani travelled to the ADC Global Blockchain Summit this week to talk about a range of issues from education to the future of organisations. Check out the pictures here and here. And finally, the latest Decentralized WednesdayClub (WED based social network) is in live beta now. A ton of new features have been added. Make sure to post something there and Mike will airdrop some WED (by liking your post). Read more on their weekly Reddit airdrop post.

And with that, it’s a wrap for this week at Parachute. See you soon with another weekly update. Keep Parachuting, keep rocking!
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Weekly Update: Welcome HYDRO to ParJar, Parachute newsletter signup, MatchBX Gigs, Wysker Series and Continuous Wyskering... - 22 Mar - 28 Mar'19

Weekly Update: Welcome HYDRO to ParJar, Parachute newsletter signup, MatchBX Gigs, Wysker Series and Continuous Wyskering... - 22 Mar - 28 Mar'19
Good day everyone! Here’s another update for the whirlwind week we had at Parachute and Parachute/ParJar partners. IRL work keeps me from churning these out on time. Working on catching up quickly to try to post future weekly updates faster:

A cool new community started to interact with ParJar this week. HYDRO was added to ParJar and ParJar added to the Hydro group. Fantom did a shoutout and CoinPedia also tweeted about ParJar. Thank you guys! Which makes me think, if this shoutout of the shoutout to our original shoutout is shoutouted by Fantom again, would it be a shoutoutception? Hmm. Also, we had our quirkiest game in ParJar yet. Parachuters had to use this site to find the most bizarre item. Best ones would win some cool PAR. Haha! The top picks were from Patri cko, Cryptovan and Clinton.
New Wonders of the World circa 2019
There’s a new email signup link for folks new to Parachute. If you’re not receiving Cap’s emails, you can sign up there. Close to USD 600 has already been raised for the Charity Parena. Woot! To get in, make a small donation (min USD 5 or crypto equivalent directly and let Jason know or tip Clinton through ParJar) and get a chance to win a 1-of-a-kind shirt from the Parachute Shop! Plus, kiddie gear is now available in the Parachute Shop. All profits from the shop go to charity. Games Master Jason turned 34 this week. Belated Happy Birthday to ya Florida Man! We had uber fun with an accidental Cap discovery this week. Add your favorite number at the end of the following link to jump to any chat in the group. For example the following link takes you to the first ever message in Parachute. Awesome!
Three Good Bois are counting on you to sign up for the Parachute newsletter
The 2gether card was launched on 27th March for use across the Eurozone. The presale event is now listed on ICObench. Make sure to check out the BCT ANN. Admins on their TG are rewarding members with 2GB who make thoughtful posts there. 2gether has an opening for a Java Software Engineer. Have a look at their job listing and apply if you have what it takes! Spanish speakers are in for a treat this week: Cointelegraph discussed about the company in a write-up, founder Salvador’s article on the zero marginal cost concept was featured in a UNIR publication and CEO Ramon’s interview during a Madrid Stock Exchange visit also came out. The 2GT token will be issued as a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) in Malta. Read more about it here.
2gether is the only one with a regulated token
Still figuring out how to deploy your trading algo to your Binance account? Here’s a detailed look on how to set up your API keys and deploying a strategy to live markets on Binance using the Cryzen Code Studio. Also, belated birthday wishes to Shuvro. Hope you had a great one! Folks who haven’t subscribed to the Cryzen YouTube yet, subscribe now. They now have a custom handle. Community member Jonny did a little Cryzen shoutout towards the end of his detailed Crypto Asset Prediction Series. This week’s Saturday Rock Wars at PurpleCoin was for the best guitarist of all time. Jimi Hendrix won the public vote by a whopping margin. BOMB token is looking for ambassadors who can bring “liquidity, awareness, and education to the project”. Learn more about it here. Checked out Wysker Series yet? These are listicles of bundled relevant content aimed at user growth. Design geeks will find it fascinating. Plus, the app will see a new feature soon called Continuous Wyskering. Jonathan says: “After finishing one story, users will no longer have to go back to the home screen to discover new stories. Instead, the next story in line can be accessed with a simple swipe.” Neat! And finally, Birdchain has partnered with Blocklads to bring educational content to the app's learn tab. Look out for new content in that section!
Shuvro’s ETC bot showing decent gainz
Gigs are now live on MatchBX. Freelancers can create listings for their services directly and job posters can directly hire freelancers from there. Win win! If you’re not sure of what MatchBX is, read up on it here. Plus, the weekly AXPR burn went on as scheduled. Bounty0x crossed 500k+ monthly page views this week with a ~30% return visitor rate. If you’ve participated in a Cures Token bounty on Bounty0x, this article is super relevant. Also, KABN partnered with Bounty0x this week for running promotional bounties for their token offering. The ETHOS token is now listed on the ChangeNOW exchange. Much has been said about the Voyager-ETHOS deal so far. Shingo explains in this article why the partnership will be “setting new standards of transparency”. District0x’s weekly update covers a range of topics including Brady’s interview with A Garden of Crypto on all things District0x.
AXPR tokenomics
Altcoin Buzz featured Opacity this week and talked about their current development roadmap which includes the 1.0 site launch (which was also this week). Check out for a look and feel of what’s in store for May. Badcredit wrote about Horizon State with a detailed piece. The Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council was announced this week as well. “The voting process has been transparent and historic - for the first time in South Australian Government history, Blockchain technology was used for the voting process." Big up to Horizon State for becoming a part of history! And finally, they closed off the week with a bang by getting listed on John McAfee talks about Switch around the 11 minute mark in this interview with Satoshi Sean. Blockport was the centrepiece of this Coinvision article that explains the ins and outs of both the exchange as well as the BPT/BPS tokens. The Blockport STO is set for April 15th with more details in this post. If you’re interested and live in the EU or the US, the whitelist procedure is explained here. And finally, onto some Fantom news. Coinspeaker elaborates what the myriad partnerships mean for Fantom in this article. Like last week, Fantom capped off this week too with another exchange listing – ChainX. Boom!

Thank you for taking the time. See you soon with another weekly update. Cheerio!
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How to make money in this Bear Market

I think too many redditors have bought into the HODL meme. I've been making great profits using two different strategies I'll expand on below. With my profits I'll take a sizeable percentage back out into fiat, and adding to my altcoins that are in my opinion great long term holds such as DRGN, ICX, JNT, HPB, BBN, TRAC, VEN, and some others while keeping some BTC on hand.
Here are the two things I've been doing:
  1. Finding low marketcap gems I'm talking around under $10m total marketcap.
Low marketcap altcoins that are either just starting out or that have upcoming price catalysts. Some example of these coins would be STK, CMPCO, XTL, BANCA. Full disclose I have bags of all of these. The reason why I suggest this is because these coins are more likely to hit those high percentage gains associated with mooning.
In this current market you're not going to see BTC hit insane highs which would increase your USD value for your alts. These alts are more likely to have upcoming price catalysts that would drive the coins price up or valuation at a higher amount than coins in day the Top 50.
I almost feel like I got lucky with XTL I found it around 2 sats, bought in at 3 sats then 5 sats, it recently pumped super hard hitting 28 sats back down to like 17 sats I have a buy set in at 15 sats. Of course, do your own research but that means more than just checking out their website/white paper!!! When you're researching an alt check out their announcement on Bitcointalk, read a bunch of the posts there, join the discord/telegram scope it out, and also make sure to look up some tweets about the coin as well.
Of course this only works if you've already heard of a coin but how do you find them in the first place?
Check out the new coins listed on CoinMarketCap, check for new coins listed on, and keep up to date with the announcements section of Bitcointalk.
  1. Passive Income:
Inexperienced traders often are too impatient with their positions and so they'll actively trade themselves into losing positions. You can help ease this mistake by taking advantage of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work coins.
I don't stake any coins actively but I operate two Masternodes, and I mine.
I run a masternode for Xuma and Bitcoin Green, not only have the coins gone up in overall price since I bought into them, but my holdings have increased considerably from running my masternode as well. You can check out masternode coins on but I would use a lot of caution with this. There's a lot of coins out there that implement Masternodes but are blatant cash grabs. Coins often get dumped once they get listed on exchanges too so make sure look at the order book to find a price point then place a buy order there and wait until it fills. Don't start market buying cause you only need 500 more coins to meet the requirements for a masternode. Be patient.
I actively mine SUMO, XTL, and some some other coin that's most likely a shitcoin not going anywhere called Dinastycoin. I only have a 970 but I'm getting sizeable rewards plus if these coins move in the direction I think they will I'll make much more in profit.
If you guys have any questions PM me, and I'll try to to answer them but none of this should be taken as financial advice. I hope you fellas are handling the market conditions well don't lose your hope yet we're just getting started.
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Lisk Highlights, February 8th 2019: Lisk Play Prize Pool Swells and Another Lisk Game is On the Horizon.

Lisk Play Prize Pool Swells and Another Lisk Game is On the Horizon.

I am sure you are aware by now of the community contest created by Lemii. Lisk Play is fun tool enabling simple contests to be played for a nominal amount of LSK. It's aim, besides bringing community together with fun, is to showcase a simple use case for transaction fields in explorer such as time, date, message, and so on with trivial value transactions. This is entirely a community initiative and has no affiliation to Lisk HQ, Lightcurve or the Lisk Foundation.
The first engagement of Lisk Play is a contest where the goal is to predict the opening price of Bitcoin as at 00:00 on the 1st of March 2019. The lowest prediction so far is $1652, and the highest is $4972. Entering the competition costs 1 LSK and the closest prediction wins the sum of all LSK collected plus a top up fund kindly donated by stellardynamic of
The prize pool has now swelled to 120 LSK. You have to get moving though to enter as the deadline for all predictions is February 16th. You can check it out HERE.
Now to the other Lisk game that is upcoming. My sources tell me that a Telegram contest is being worked on at present. I believe it will take the form of a treasure hunt type contest with hints given that will lead the lucky winnes to a cache of LSK. Sounds good? Of course it does. I will have more on the game in a short while.
That's it for today's Highlights.
These highlight posts also go out daily on the….
LISK Highlights exclusive Telegram group:
LISK Highlights Twitter :
LISK Highlights Medium:
The highlights are also included in my weekly roundup on the LISK Highlights Medium account and the Bitcoin talk forum's LISK thread, so keep an eye out for them on these outlets also.
Keep the faith Liskers! 👍
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From across the world, collectible cars are of great interest over the past years of human civilization. Many problems are associated with investing in collectible cars, some of which are briefly discussed below:
1. High COST of acquisition & maintenance: the cost of owning ones personal car can be very high. This can be so frustrating most especially to the average individuals and below. Also, running additional costs for the purpose of car maintenance cannot be overlooked such as insurance, damage, repair, storage, and so on.
2. Inaccessible for some: many collectible cars are not sold on the open market. Such ones are produced in limited quantity and even times they want to proof to us that the future owner had several other tools of the same brand.
3. The lack of technical knowhow: assessing the origin and value of any car requires special knowledge and this is particularly important when the car is purchased in the secondary market.
These issues continue like that but just to mention the few like I did above so we all can begin to see the necessity of this project, CurioInvest and we can be on the same page from the perspective/angle of taking it seriously. For this reason, CurioInvest as an opportunity to the world of blockchain and beyond as it is only available to a small group of people because of the high cost of entry to such market. Now, let me wow your curiosity on this project:
i. CurioInvest already has successful experience in the auto trade at some well-known firms and have access to more than 500 rare collectible cars.
ii. CurioInvest as a platform which is being created on the innovative blockchain technology and this implies a high level of transparency, security and liquidity.
iii. CurioInvest is really striving to become the brand for sale collector cars and the stock exchange where there can be trade security tokens called Curio in real-time.
iv. CurioInvest cooperates with the Mechatronik GmbH to ensure the storage and maintenance of vehicles.
The opportunities that this project has are unlimited compared to the little I wrote. There are many more to these ones.


The initial step is to turn into a checked client of the platform. This way to enroll your email address, round out the enlistment structure and affirm your own personality.
The subsequent advance Invest: You can put with others in a gatherer's vehicle joining the organization crowdfunding. When you do, you will get a testament affirming your interest in the vehicle. Once there is an adequate store, CurioInvest purchases a vehicle at that point comes the age and dispersion of car Curio tokens among financial specialists which will supplant the testament.
The third step has to do with checking and expansion: This is where you offer your tokens for distributed exchanging platform. Here likewise, you can follow execution markers of your vehicles and purchase new tokens to expand their ventures.
The IEO of Curio tokens is in progress on Probit Exchange.
Hi reader, please be informed that now is the last chance that everyone has to buy some CUR token before the listing which is coming up on ProBit_Exchange on the 20th September, 2019 (It’s just a matter of 3days from now). So do not miss out in the IEO!


By definition, Roadmap is a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal. That is to say the CurioInvest Roadmap is step-by-step means by which the mission of the project is to be fully achieved.
Below is a pictorial representation of the CurioInvest Roadmap:
In conclusion, with the CurioInvest project, collectors from all over the world will be able to buy rare cars and carry out transactions through this completely reliable and secured platform. The project team is quite strong and experienced. The team members have years of experience in collecting vehicles. They have a very positive active role in cooperation. This hopefully will enable all users of this platform to get the services that they want effectively because it is from a team with principles plus actions. That is why it is clear that investing in CurioInvest will be extremely profitable.
Be Part of This Revolution of CurioInvest and you will be glad that you did!
For more information about the CurioInvest project and participation, kindly get connected with these links:
Website =
White Paper =
ANN Thread =
Facebook =
Twitter =
Reddit =

BitcoinTalk Username: dmzworld
Profile Link:;u=2285721;sa=summary
ETH Address: 0x5FA672f699DE073b0823FD29D78B7b9e963E8e77
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Welcome to the Loki Subreddit. Please view this thread to find helpful links.

Loki is a privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately over the internet, providing a suite of tools to help maintain the maximum amount of anonymity possible while browsing, transacting and communicating online.
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

Download the latest wallet release:



Start here:

Loki Docs:


Economic Proposal:

Loki Cryptoeconomics:

All papers:
Loki Foundation:
LAG Foundation Constitution:
We are not legally allowed to comment on exchanges at this time.
The mainnet is live!
Listed Exchanges:
Mining Channel:
Service Node Channel:
Loki Announcements:
Loki Block Explorers:,
Loki GUI:
GUI Installation Guide:
Loki CLI:
Android wallet:
Private sale report:
Local Telegram Channels:
Official Merch!
- Focus discussions on Loki
- No bad mouthing, no name calling, act like a gentleman/lady
- If you get a warning, respect it
- Deliver value to the discussion
- No referral links
- Please refrain from using offensive language
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Large Bitcoin Collider: tried over 1000 trillion private keys

In reference to this reddit, I'd like to mention, that the Large Bitcoin Collider LBC has recently passed the 1000 tn mark of searched private keys.
As both uncompressed and compressed addresses are searched, a total of over 2000 trillion addresses was searched and checked against the ~11 million addresses with funds on them.
While these numbers may seem large, compared with the search space of BTC addresses, it's a negligible amount of search done - but it demonstrates what a small group of enthusiasts is able to achieve.
The trophies page lists what the pool has found so far: the first 50 addresses of the puzzle transaction plus two (meanwhile three) addresses with funds on them.
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Where To Find a Winning Cryptocurrency - + CoinMarketCap BEST MINING-BITCOIN HACK 2019 BitcoinTalk Announcement Thread SCAM ICO! Introduction to  Bitcoin Weekly Show Bitcoin Breakout! Plus- Bitcoin Cash Pump?

Cryptocurrencies: 1491 Market Cap: $441,080,225,714.00 24h Vol: $20,632,815,176.00 BTC Dominance: 38.77% Markets: 8708 Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Bitcoin als Zahlung akzeptieren; Was bedeutet Proof-of-Stake? Wer ist Satoshi Nakamoto? Was bedeutet "Initial Coin Offering" ICO? TeamViewer Anleitung; Karriere; Werbung; Über uns; Login Mitglieder; Mitglieder-Registrierung; Mehr. Menü. Bitcoin Plus (XBC) Kurzinfo: Gesamt verfügbare Coins: 1 Million. Gesamt erstellte Coins: 137.065 Tausend. Hashing Algorithm: Proof of stake. Erstellt am ... New BitcoinTalk - no ads, no smm, no other spammers. New BitcoinTalk Home Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin; Advantages of Bexplus. Discussions about Bitcoin mining and hardware. Moderator: Admin. 4 posts • Page 1 of 1. gurumaster Active User Posts: 159 Joined: Wed May 22, 2019 12:37 pm. Post Thu May 23, 2019 8:14 am. From all the advantages of Bexplus that you have outlined, it is surely going to be ... Bitcoin Plus-Kurs für heute ist $3,23 mit einem 24-stündigen Handelsvolumen von $21.062. XBC-Kurs ist um -0.4% gefallen in den letzten 24 Stunden. Es gibt derzeit eine Gesamtanzahl von 150 Tausend Kryptowährungen und eine maximale Anzahl von 1 Million Kryptowährungen.FatBTC ist der Markt mit dem aktuell aktivsten Handel.

[index] [34809] [50076] [10629] [2142] [18421] [15742] [46369] [8755] [41683] [37231]

Where To Find a Winning Cryptocurrency - + CoinMarketCap

Live Bitcoin Trading With DeriBot on Deribit DeriBot Backup 204 watching Live now Pomp Podcast #251: Mark Yusko on How we got to QE Infinity from the Fed - Duration: 1:06:39. Lots of Token Airdrops require this action. This video shows how to do. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- This is my NEW storefront on Amazon where you can fin... Welcome back to the channel everyone! This week's Crypto Review Show has some great crypto giveaways as usual. We talk, Bitcoin, Divi, Nimiq and of course Dr... Plus Bitcoin Giveaway! - Duration: 16:56. BlockRoots: Crypto Market Analysis 1,318 views. 16:56. Tackle Trading Halftime Report 8.3.2020 AAPL TSLA GOOGL MSFT Tackle Trading 190 watching. Live now ... Subscribe == == With the crypto bull market making its way, you may want to look for some underdog cryptocurrencies. Using bitcointalk forum and coinmarketcap you can browse ...